IT Awards 2022

16 | IT Awards 2022 team of health-tech specialists across support, development, sales and account management.” The demand for this new product reflects the desperate need that the healthcare system has for products which work well. Since opening their doors, the team have worked with GP practices as well as PCNs and ICSs which are responsible for 250-300 practices across a region. Part of the job is not only offering solutions to these parts of the NHS, but to maintain relationships with users and other stakeholders across the region, such as regional project, change and technical managers. The team’s reputation speaks for itself and they are able to approach customers accordingly. In some cases, they are recommended through customer referrals. In others, they are included as part of key NHS frameworks and as such have access to tender opportunities. The team also use outbound marketing such as e-shots, The NHS depends on technology, but the rate of change means that it depends on other organisations to deliver part of their lifesaving work. We take a look at the team from Iatro, providers of software and services to Primary Care organisations to see how they managed to achieve such breathtaking success in SME News’ IT Awards 2022. Experience counts for a lot in the healthcare world, and the team at Iatro has a wealth of experience that is second to none. The quality of their work comes, not purely from a knowledge of software, but an awareness of how the healthcare system works and what is needed to keep it running efficiently. Combined, this approach has brought about startling success for all concerned. When Thomas Porteus started Iatro, he had been in the healthcare software industry for over fifteen years. “I originally built a back-office CRM for GP practices, with a way to manage HR policies, staff communication and updates, and more. The second product I built, Practice365, grew quickly and quickly became the focus of the company, as we scaled from 9 to over 600 practices in our first 18 months of operation. We’ve had to scale fast, but we’ve managed well by recruiting a strong Best Digital Health Solutions Provider 2022 Jun22158 social media, ads and industry events to appeal to people. At the core, however, is the awareness through the industry that Iatro is a business that can deliver. This is their USP. Their Practice365 platform provides a high quality and cost effective website platform that integrates well with a variety of patient comms tools including the NHS App and e-consult tools. It’s perfect for the job at hand, which is why it is used so frequently by so many. Scaling a business over two years has been no easy task, and one which has relied upon an impressive staff to make happen. “It helped to hire people who worked in the industry and understood the quirks and language of supporting NHS customers,” Thomas told us. “whether it be procurement frameworks and IG requirements, to system interoperability and understanding how GP practices work and use software . I hire friendly, hardworking, and customer focussed people and give them the support they need to do their jobs well.” The future of Iatro seems bright, with the potential for a growing customer base across Practice365, OneContact and Managed Services. The team would like to grow by another few hundred practices by the end of 2022, improving the functionality of OneContact to support a number of different use cases and care pathways across the NHS, including e-referrals and improving e-consultation capabilities. This eye for innovation is what has been pushing the Iatro team forward for the last two years. Bringing it to the heart of the UK’s healthcare system has been their aim and their gift. We celebrate their success in the SME News’ IT Awards, and look forward to what they do next! Company: Iatro Name: Thomas Porteus Email: Web Address: