IT Awards 2022

17 | IT Awards 2022 When you’re looking for a business partner that understands your IT needs, there’s few better than Canny Clever IT Service Centres. The team’s reputation has seen them working with business customers ranging between one and one hundred staff members, adapting effortlessly to suit their specific requirements. Many IT suppliers are box movers, trying to shift items that might not be quite right for a business. The team at Canny Clever IT Service Centres know that to get the most from a purchase often requires a solution which is specifically tailored to their needs. Key to the business’s continued success is the ability to talk on any level about complex solutions. This is a team that is dedicated and passionate not purely about IT, but about ensuring that IT meets a customers exacting requirements, no matter what level the customer is at. To achieve this, requires a team that is truly exemplary. They are committed to doing the right thing for their customers, creating an environment which is both friendly and welcoming. Because the team work with a range of people, from business owners through to pensioners who want to access new technology, they have a range of different options. To make an elderly customer more comfortable with their new computer, a cup of tea and a quiet chat can go a lot further than a comprehensive training session! When it comes to the retail sector specifically, the IT industry has had a difficult time. The benefits of working with the team at Canny Clever IT Service Centres are clear, insofar as they work closely with communities and build up local support. This determination to communicate with all stakeholders has also seen them working with core suppliers to use new trends and technology to their advantage. Another recent addition is retail and commercial finance options for all clients, allowing their clients to get the solutions they need, rather than the solution pressured by budget constraints. With 2023 just on the horizon, the team at Canny Clever IT Service Centres are already exploring ways in which their plans for 2022 can feed into where the company is going next. Many of their new ideas and concepts have seen them working with some of the biggest names in the industry and are therefore commercially sensitive for the time being. As they are announced, they’re sure to make a big splash for this upcoming titan of the North East. On a slightly more local scale, Canny Clever IT Service Centres has opened its doors to many new possibilities. They have plans to introduce Jun22153 Best IT Retail & Repair Business 2022 - North East & Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 home entertainment offerings into their retail store, providing a one-stop-shop for anything with a plug to their retail customers. Having this incredible potential right at the heart of how they operate is certain to be a major draw for a business which stands proudly as professional service above all else! The world of IT services continues to develop and grow, and Canny Clever IT Service Centres is clearly no exception. Their efforts have revolutionised the way in which many operate. We look forward to seeing how this small, locally minded business continues to have an impact on a national scale in the weeks and months yet to come. Company: Canny Clever IT Service Centres Limited Name: Ken Mosley Email: Web Address: When looking at the success of Canny Clever IT Service Centres Limited, we’re looking at a firm which has helped people find PCs and equipment that is right for them. Their personalised approach has brought them acclaim across the North East for their efforts. Winning not just one, but two awards in SME News’ IT Awards 2022, we thought it the right time to explore precisely what sets this team apart from the crowd. Canny Clever IT Service Centres Limited