IT Awards 2022

18 | IT Awards 2022 and to make the client’s business their pleasure. Combined with this is information; knowledge is key, and information is power. Structuring information over an intuitive interface is e9’s approach to design. Then comes enlightenment; the goal is simple: provide information the client never knew existed and their business decisions will become basic instinct. As a result of the team’s digital expertise and devotion towards their work comes products such as the noteworthy Cab9. Cab9 is a cloud-based business management tool for taxi and chauffeuring firms. The innovative design and powerful capability allows businesses to communicate in a seamless manner. A few years ago, Cab9 was born out of the team’s passion to provide private hire operators with the technology to win, retain and grow their customer base in the changing marketplace being driven by app providers. The solution includes a simple yet sophisticated automated dispatch system, a business management suite, driver and passenger apps, client booking portal, reporting, and invoice production capabilities. To work on such a product, e9 acknowledged that the way passengers consume private and business mobility is changing. Global taxi apps are disrupting the industry, so it is imperative for local small- to medium-sized operators to adapt quickly and decisively to meet the challenge this presents. Existing software platforms weren’t cutting it, with inferior technical capabilities, poor aesthetics, and lack of intuitiveness – As a result, private hire and taxi operators were finding themselves struggling to compete with major players such as Uber and its easy-to-use suite of products. e9’s general approach is to develop in a highly agile environment, yet focus on structure and process, meaning the team is able to iterate on short Situated in London, Manchester, and Bangalore, e9 has become the go-to for clients such as O2 for consulting and the development of complex business solutions. Using the latest technologies and employing a design-first approach, the e9 team is agile when it comes to software development and they love building digital solutions for business problems. A perfect example of this is the creation of the Cab9 app, designed to revolutionise journey booking systems for small- to medium-sized private hire and taxi firms. A little bit out of the ordinary, responsible, ethical, diverse, inclusive – e9 has developed highly motivated talent into productive teams across continents, from England to India. Embracing diversity, its people have different tastes, styles and personalities. Some love cricket, others love dancing. Despite all the differences, they all have one thing in common, one thing they all love, and that is to be able to express themselves through their skills and attributes. They have a strong passion and love for what they do, whether developer, creative, or strategist. They are a team that build digital products and services for businesses of all sizes, from enterprise level clients to one-man bands. They work with industry leaders, SMEs and start-ups to take their visions from concept to completion, with a track record for providing quality mobile solutions that solve complex and diverse problems on both short-term and long-term bases. This is done using their recipe of ‘tech + design + passion’ which amounts to 360 degrees of digital expertise. First, the team identifies the problem, making sure they understand every facet. Then, they blend strategy with technology. And powerful technology needs an effective interface; e9 believes great design enables a deeper consumer connection. This helps clients to stand out and engage with the right audience. Finally, the e9 team’s secret sauce, passion brings everything together. They get great pleasure out of building intuitive business solutions so the client can win, retain and grow. Beside this comes its core values of ‘entertain’, ‘enlighten’, and ‘inform’. Throughout their daily lives, the team are constantly keeping an eye out for concepts that entertain, to inspire their work Best Travel & Transport App Development Company 2022 Jul22612 timescales whilst always ensuring development as the fundamental foundation in the area of extensive testing, both from a modular and endto-end perspective. The team’s expertise in large scale web applications has led to the development of business critical systems that encompass the business processes of entire organisations. Now, the company looks towards the future, where it will continue to empower its clients with innovative solutions that allow them to offer an experience tantamount to the likes of multinationals and create for them a fair opportunity to compete in their local consumer and business market. To do so, its main plan remains the same throughout the years to come: to make the most of its team’s development expertise to build intuitive software products and empower clients to create, maintain and consistently scale their offerings. With regard to Cab9, the team are excited to be working towards an international launch, providing quality mobile solutions to taxi and chauffeuring firms of all sizes. Company: e9 Contact: Tarpit Grover Email: Website: