IT Awards 2022

19 | IT Awards 2022 Recursive Digital is an agile technology design and development studio delivering solid technical knowledge and creative design. It is focused on transforming environments whilst creating unique, impactful, engaging immersive and user-focused experiences for corporate headquarters, offices, flagship retail, museums, stadiums, galleries, and public spaces. Recursive creates unique client and customer engagement with the user experience as the central focus. Our services span across the technology industry and include the creation of bespoke interactive and immersive software and digital content – such as motion graphics, filming AR/VR, XR (mixed reality) and apps. Recursive’s’ services aren’t limited to the digital space as we work on the design and specification of IT infrastructure, electroacoustic, building acoustics, lighting, and lighting control systems. On top of this, we also provide consultancy, commissioning, project management services and expert witness arbitration services. Recursive works with a diverse range of clients on projects of all scales. We love working on projects that benefit the wider community and more significant projects with global organisations and brands at the top of their game looking to create a unique experience. We often work directly for clients and through other parties, including creative design agencies, architects, project managers, and others. Regardless, we embed ourselves into project teams and organisations working with stakeholders and user groups to truly understand their culture, aspirations, and requirements. We act as their representative on the design team, ensuring projects are delivered to the highest standard whilst encouraging and enabling others to do the same. Recursive remains actively involved in projects from the initial prospect through the quotation stages. Following on from there, we concern ourselves with the day-to-day work of a client until the completion of the project and often postproject in a client advisory role. We consistently redefine what is expected from the role of a technology consultant within any project; most of our new work can be traced directly to referrals from those who have worked with us before. Recursive’s unique approach has translated into these referrals and longstanding relationships, which is a glowing testament to its effectiveness. Recursive recently created and delivered bespoke software and content for a very Jul22568 Most Immersive Software Solutions Developer 2022 architecturally complex large-scale projection mapping environment, using real-time rendering developed in Unreal engine along with other content and software production tools (such as Blender, Touch Designer, 4D Max, etc.). The in-house hardware design, specification service enables us to deliver better and more specific key experiential projects, improving client experience. Recursive’s current projects require equally innovative use of immersive technology. This degree of innovation is built into Recursive’s DNA, born from our team’s collective history of working on projects that often required engineering their way through complex problems. This requires experience, knowledge, and skill. Thus, it brings multiple technology disciplines and skill sets together to deliver innovative and creative results. All of its effects result from this collaborative approach, applied to every project where everything the team has learned on previous works is brought forward repeatedly, which is the very definition of Recursive! Recursive has also developed innovative real-time body and facial tracking applications to create digital avatars representing the user. These can be used in virtual productions or real-time immersive experiences to interact with the virtual metaverse world. This unique and innovative work allows our clients to create powerful and innovative experiences forming better connections with their clients. The Recursive team have a mutual desire to push boundaries and innovate, working with likeminded individuals to create genuinely inspiring projects we can all be proud of. Recursive loves to raise the expectation of what is possible, constantly striving to raise work standards and its industry profile. Most Immersive Software Solutions Developer 2022 is one of many celebrations of our work. Contact: David Yates Company: Recursive Web Address: Audio and visual design is an immensely important discipline that many understand are important when crafting a space or experience, but few understand the accurate details and scope. One of those with a deeper understanding is Recursive Digital. It not only wields its extensive knowledge and skill in all things beautiful to look at and hear, but it provides a wide selection of immersive and bespoke software.