IT Awards 2022

20 | IT Awards 2022 Unlike some less reputable mobile phone recycling companies, FonePal fulfils its promises to pay customers the same amount it quotes. There are no surprises at the checkout, as long as the description of the phone sold is accurate, FonePal, accepts items in any condition. Whether the mobile phone is functional, has a broken LCD, water damage or any type or combination of ailment, it is still worth money, FonePal offers the best price to its customers. It also guarantees same-day payment. In 2022 and beyond, FonePal will continue to adhere to its goal of delivering the best customer satisfaction and aiming to become the UK’s top leading smartphone recycling brand. It is an ambitious goal, no doubt, but FonePal is well within the range of achieving such prestige. For many, a mobile phone is an essential tool, and spending the day without one is simply impossible. Being ubiquitous and necessary items in today’s world, most people will eventually have to face the question of what to do when their precious phone breaks or needs replacing . Well, FonePal would say to recycle it, of course. FonePal buys used and broken phones to repaired or recycle, and we explore why it’s a good idea. Founded in 2019, FonePal is a mobile phone recycling company based in Manchester, UK and is considered one of the best websites to sell your old and unwanted mobile phones. FonePal’s core values centre on reducing the impact of unused, old, broken, and damaged mobile phones on the environment and helping to build a better tomorrow. As such, it has crafted an effortless service for recycling mobile phones. With only few clicks, customers get the highest quote possible when they sell their old mobile phones, covering most major brands, from Apple and Samsung to HTC, Google, Huawei and even Xiaomi. This list is set to expand further. Best Mobile Phone Recycling Platform 2022 Jul22451 Beyond winning the award for Best Mobile Phone Recycling Platform 2022, FonePal deserves equal praise for providing a reliable customercentric platform. It stands as an example to other tech companies and consumers of the proper way to dispose of old tech, as well as to those who also operate within its niche. From same day payments and the best possible quote each time to its bevy of additional services in the name of sustainability, FonePal is a recycling champion! Don’t take our words for it; see what our customers have to say about us on Trust Pilot. Contact: Mohammed Idriss Company: FonePal Web Address: Email: Telephone: 01615312326