IT Awards 2022

21 | IT Awards 2022 GDS Link was founded in 2006 by former Experian colleagues to provide a seamless, automated decisionmaking platform for lenders. This goal has expanded over the last 16 years, with its solutions having evolved to help tackle other initiatives that are imperative to its clients. These include consulting and advisory services, analytics, customer acquisition, loan originations, account management and collections. Now, GDS Link is a global leader in credit risk management, providing a tailored, customercentric risk management and process automation platform designed for the modern lender in their pursuit to capitalise on the entire credit lifecycle. It works to provide a comprehensive solution that can enhance their processes and, ultimately, their performance. GDS Link’s digital platform is a comprehensive and detailed virtual tool that supports every lending vertical worldwide. Over one billion decisions have been made annually in more than 40 countries. Despite the tool’s power, customers may be stunned to find its users can be fully trained on its full utility in two days. Despite the above, with the addition of the fact it is pre-configured with over 100 data sources (and normalised calculated attributes across numerous sources), it is built with ease of use in mind. This includes a drag-and-drop functionality that requires minimum IT resources and user-created rules, a system designed for users with user input for design decisions. GDS Link’s services are built from years of experience in the industry, enabling it to pick up on what customers and organisations want and need on every possible level (from financial to technical). Additionally, its team’s over a decade and a half of education, experience and insight truly set GDS Link apart. The dedicated team of experts boast decades of industry experience, having helped hundreds of institutions and diverse organisations achieve higher growth while successfully managing risk. The time the team has had to perfect its processes has taught them the folly of attempting to create a one size fits all approach or solution. As such, its industry-specific risk management solutions are highly configured to each client’s needs. Furthermore, the analytics offered are unrivalled by any other solution provider on the market. It competes with other lender-specific technology and solution providers, particularly Provenir and Alloy, but in contrast to these competitors, it provides a personable consultative approach that leverages industry-leading knowledge and expertise, delivering exceptional value and proven results. Jul22021 Most Innovative Financial Services SaaS Company 2022 Fortunately, those results were not harmed due to the recent disturbance of the covid-19 pandemic. In fact, GDS Link was one of the few fortunate businesses that were, for the most part, positively impacted. As a result of the pandemic, its prospects have become aware of the need to transform their services into full digital experiences, which has increased the demand for its solution. Its deep understanding of the changing lending landscape has allowed GDS Link to provide solutions and services that address immediate needs to fund loans quickly and effectively manage the borrower lifecycle. As such, even though it already had a culture of remote work pre-pandemic, it has now fully embraced a dynamic remote and digital-based way of working. In turn, the business has become an even more collaborative working environment, capable of assisting and collaborating with clients, partners, and team members worldwide. Additionally, its hiring practices have evolved significantly. The company now casts a wider net when recruiting talent worldwide to tap into new markets, helping it to establish itself as a reputable provider in previously untapped regions. There’s no denying that financial services will always be needed. In turn, GDS Link is constantly evolving its own to ensure organisations are gaining the most from available data to grow their lending to new heights. Its digital solutions enable effectiveness, as well as ease of use and implementation, and are the reason it holds the title of Most Innovative Financial Services SaaS Company 2022. GDS Link’s service has been iterated for 16 years and remains at the forefront of innovation, and however it develops in the years to come, that is undoubtedly where it will stay. Contact: Maria Papadakis Company: GDS Link, LLC Web Address: From small businesses to transnational organisations, someone minding the books and looking for the next growth opportunity will always be necessary. GDS Link is in service of these needs, with a platform custom-built for 21st century lenders. It has crafted a bleeding-edge solution that has taken over a decade worth of knowledge and experience and placed it into the hands of its customers.