IT Awards 2022

22 | IT Awards 2022 work out, customers are free to return it to the business, and its team of highly knowledgeable technicians will take a fresh look at it. Its team of qualified, and highly skilled technicians know the ins and outs of a library of tech gadgets and their issues and they deliver some of the best tech repair services in the country. The team provides a friendly and professional service with a blistering turnover rate; most customers find their device back in their hands by the end of the day. Repairs A true benefit of the modern world is that everything is digital, and things are easier and simpler than they have ever been as a result. However, when tech breaks, massive problems begin when you can’t access any of it. In those situations, you need to be back up and running as quickly as humanly possible. So, with a library of spare parts and a top team of technicians, Ralakde Limited is the company to call. Ralakde Limited is a Newcastlebased tech repair centre and preowned technology shop. Whether it’s a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or even a games console, its repair services are quick, superior, and come from a team of trained and qualified professionals. The focus of Ralakde is to provide a premium repair, with its service going beyond just fixing an item it receives. It provides leading computer and phone repairs using top-class machinery and ensures all its repairs are reliable, trustworthy, and as prompt as possible. Additionally, in the name of transparency and promptness, Ralakde even provides a repair tracker on its website, where just the ticket ID and a customer’s last name will give a detailed look at where it is on the repair of the item at any time. All without having to leave home or pick up a call, all in the name of providing a premium repair. Another element of Ralakde’s swift repairs is its well-maintained stock of spare parts. It stocks a sizeable collection of parts, covering most of the usuals that customers may need and sourcing the rest when a more specialist piece is required. As such, should a part need to be swapped out or replaced, it will typically have it on hand and be able to quickly handle the job. Ralakde only uses top-quality certified parts and highly effective repair methods, which fits with the overall creed of the company. Eventually, the world will runs out of resources, it aims to be efficient with what is available and reuse materials that can be reused. In the name of that (and continued customer satisfaction), it ensures that any device that leaves its custody is set to function ‘good as new’ for a long time. Ralakde is so confident in the efficacy of its repairs that it provides a hassle-free, six-month warranty on parts replaced. If things don’t Best PC & Mobile Device Repair Business - Staffordshire Jun22689 are common to be completed within the hour, showing just how effective this team is. With such a fast turnover rate, top-quality parts, and highly rated service, it is no surprise that Ralakde has won the Best PC & Mobile Device Repair Business in Staffordshire award. Its repair services are truly second to none. Contact: Deepak Gupta Company: Ralakde Limited Web Address: