IT Awards 2022

25 | IT Awards 2022 Based in Derby, tech and digital agency LogicBarn was established in 2021. The company collaborates with businesses nationwide with a fresh approach to digital marketing services. The client-centric agency prides itself on its professionalism, expertise, partnerships, trust, care, teamwork, respect, integrity, and creativity. Matt explains, “We believe that our client’s successes are a mirror of our own. That’s why we’re so passionate about upholding our values on every project we undertake. We form a partnership with every client to ensure we deliver the best possible results in each service area.” LogicBarn aims to help new and existing businesses capitalise on their unique advantage by providing crucial services guaranteed to boost their reputation within their industry. Two distinct teams deliver the company’s comprehensive list of services. LogicBarn Creative provides digital marketing services including SEO, PPC, website design, and visual content services. Essential tech and IT-based services such as development are looked after by the LogicBarn Tech team. Both teams have played significant roles in the growth and success of the business so far. When asked how the company differentiates itself from the competition, Matt believes it’s the team’s passion for what they do and the positive culture of the business that set LogicBarn apart. “We’re a progressive company. We’re proud to have established a strong, family culture at the very heart of the agency. We value team spirit, and we know that the services we provide are better because of it. We have a talented team. Each person is a specialist in their area. The whole team excels at collaboration. Without their skills, experience, and individual talents, the business would not be where it is now.” Ongoing training and development opportunities are provided to all team members. When looking to hire new team members, LogicBarn seeks out individuals who are confident and comfortable in their work and who will excel in their roles. Matt says, “We also look for a friendly personality and those with unique creative talents we can nurture both in and outside of the company.” Working across a range of sectors, LogicBarn values inclusivity. Matt tells us, “We extend our services to all businesses from any industry. We’ve partnered with companies in the healthcare sector, trade, building and property, holidays, and hospitality. Our partners found our services through our online marketing, PPC, trade shows, and networking. Our approach differs from business to business, according to our client’s needs.” Jun22317 Best Content & Web Design Agency – Derbyshire Looking to the future, LogicBarn will remain current by monitoring new trends and observing changes to target consumer requirements. Growth is currently the company’s main priority. In a year, its staff has grown from 5 to 20. By 2023, LogicBarn hopes to have expanded to recruit a further 5 team members. Contact: Matt Hadfield Company: LogicBarn Web Address: Phone: 0303 223 0110 There aren’t many digital marketing agencies that have their own full-time drone pilot. But LogicBarn is one such agency. When the team say they can do it all, they really mean it. With a host of talent on board, LogicBarn provides everything from web design to imagery and written word to pay-per-click advertising. We speak to LogicBarn’s Head of Operations, Matt Hadfield, to find out more.