IT Awards 2022

26 | IT Awards 2022 vision and mission. William tells us, “Our team is dedicated to providing customers with worldclass software. Our vision is to transform the way people work so that companies can do more in less time and provide a competitive advantage. And it’s our mission to provide the workplace with innovative software that enables users to improve their performance and achieve better results every day.” The values of triSaaS are what drives the team. William explains, “We always do what’s best for our customers. We centre everything around improving their experiences. We strive to excel and exceed expectations every day.” Equally the team at triSaaS are all too aware of the need for integrity and transparency. “What we say is what we do. We have high standards and know that to keep the trust of our customers, we must always be open and honest. We’re an adaptable bunch and we’re quick to respond to Taking the work out of your work, triSaaS helps companies to achieve better outcomes. Since its inception in 2016, triSaaS has brought a range of innovative products to market to simplify and speed up business processes. We speak to the company Founder, William Gorol, to find out more. How often have you dreamed of joined-up processes in your business? It’s a fact that many companies are stuck using antiquated business practices. But finding ways of streamlining and automating processes has never been more critical. In these times of high inflation, finding efficient solutions is essential to improving productivity and profits. triSaaS was established to do just that. The company’s first product was eSource Wizard. This innovative software, used by procurement teams, simplifies tender, contract management and SRM processes. Building on the success of eSource Wizard, triSaaS continues to develop worldclass software to replace manual processes and automate day-to-day workflow activities. The company launched its latest product, Logit, in 2021. Logit brings together a host of routine workflows. Maintenance, food safety, housekeeping, audits, statutory compliance and more are brought together in one easy-to-use digital solution. William explains a little more about the Logit app, “It’s our all-in-one digital platform. Using it means that your business doesn’t need to rely on lots of disparate solutions and manual processes. Instead of using three, four, five or more different software solutions, you can use one. Logit provides complete visibility and transparency across departments and sites, and it’s easy to use.” Logit works across sectors including hospitality, leisure, care homes, manufacturing, and retail. The company’s client list includes Costa, Wasabi, The Scotsman Group, Village Hotels and Principality Stadium. The SaaS arena is fiercely competitive. triSaaS differentiates itself from its competitors by its Leading Innovators in Hospitality Technology Solutions 2022 Jun22232 our clients’ needs by deploying agile software that keeps up with the pace of change.” The team has a high degree of experience and appreciation for the markets it serves. Understanding that to enable its clients to make the biggest impact, the company needs to be ready to pivot at a moment’s notice. triSaaS is always assessing the needs of the market. William tells us, “We have a very lively, engaged customer base. We have regular meetings to discuss the product roadmap. This enables us to prioritise solutions to solve our customers’ challenges and meet their business demands. We rely on our customers’ feedback. It helps us understand where there are gaps and what solutions are necessary to meet their business requirements.” Contact: William Gorol Company: triSaaS Web Address: &