IT Awards 2022

IT Awards 2022 | 5 Best Website Traffic Generating Company 2022 the various app and software development has been done inhouse, revolutionising the legal and claims world. All of these innovations, essential to the continued success of the business, are fully owned by Chris and Mark. When it comes to lead generation, The Genius Group tends to work with law firms, claims management companies, and home improvement businesses, helping them to generate a high volume of consumer leads through social media. It can offer high quality leads, at an affordable price, with a simple onboarding process that is led by its development team. Their marketing processes enable them to create campaigns that reach a large audience, with ads and websites that lead to increased conversions. With implementation and set up being so simple, campaigns can start very quickly and run more efficiently. Once a lead has been generated, it’s essential not to lose them on the website. Did you know that over 90% of the traffic that goes to a website does not convert, but instead drops off? Of that sizable percentage, The Genius Group has proven able to convert an extra 10% of that traffic by engaging with them in the partial data they have entered on the website and bringing them back into the funnel where they left off. These insight tools are used consistently to adapt to the varying needs of clients. Perhaps the most important of these is Flo Panda, a product built by marketers, for marketers. This platform cuts through the complex systems and procedures that competitors offer and gets straight to the point of the website issues that are costing businesses money. The tool takes real-time data and shows areas to improve conversions, optimise Facebook and PPC marketing campaigns, and re-engage with people who partially complete your opt-in and order forms. When The Genius Group built and tested Flo Panda, it generated over 4.1m leads over an 18-month period, building up a £600m business. This data is not only closely interpreted by the team, but also collected as efficiently as possible. The team’s own inhouse data mining team means there is no need for a massive form. Instead, the team data mines third-party data resources and can automate information without relying on the customer. This allows them to ask less questions in their forms, whilst still being able to secure a much higher conversion rate. This automated data is used throughout the business, including in the team’s customer call centre. A pre-populated data field when it comes to emails or telephones ensures a tailored and customer-centric approach at all times. Behind the team’s success in numbers lies a bunch of hard-working experts who develop stunning websites through the perfect blend of aestheticism and conversion. With plenty of CTA and UX knowledge, the team of experts have been responsible for creating a website which has tripled the conversion rate compared to the industry average (7.09% compared to 2.7%). Indeed, The Genius Group’s Shopify website currently sits in the top 1% of all e-commerce stores in the world, in one of the toughest categories, health and beauty. By following their own rules and differing from the rest, right now the team generates more consumers than any company in the UK in 3 verticals. Working with companies with budgets over 300,000 for online acquisitions, they have wiped the awards of the best tech solutions online and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The coming years look bright for Chris, Mark and their talented team. In fact, the team seems set to grow, with more inhouse experts always being brought in so that the firm can take on more clients. It seems likely that The Genius Group will continue in its quest to generate even more innovative and automated ways for its clients to generate leads, as it has brought them – and will continue to bring them – such incredible success. Company: The Genius Group Name: Claire Niebel Email: Web Address: Address: TGG, Unit 14, Edwards court, Broadheath, Altrincham, WA14 5GL Telephone: 07789479463