IT Awards 2022

6 | IT Awards 2022 not have the specialist expertise that Animo Consultancy’s staff and associates can provide. Within the market, this is Animo Consultancy’s biggest advantage over its competitors, as clients are searching for direct access to the people in the know. Animo Consultancy, in order to meet this demand, has cultivated a workforce that prioritises clientcentricity. The team are imperative to the firm’s success. Its team consists of highly-productive and dedicated professionals who are ready to hit the ground running and deliver proven technical and management skills. Furthermore, this is reflected in the internal culture, as Animo As a leading healthcare informatics consultancy, Animo Consultancy Ltd bears a great amount of responsibility. Therefore, it abides by international standards and works in collaboration with a number of globally renowned organisations in order to ensure a premium standard. Indeed, Animo Consultancy has earned its place as an esteemed industry figure, and has laid the foundations for a successful future. In 2006, Animo Consultancy Ltd was founded. The consultancy’s genesis was paired with the mission to provide friendly, well-qualified senior advisors who use industry-accepted methodologies with clients to help them bolster their businesses. Indeed, the consultancy’s approach is embedded into its name; Animo has many meanings, but the one that resonates is ‘with intention or with purpose.’ Every action that Animo Consultancy undertakes has purpose, and it pushes its clients to take more courageous decisions. As such, Animo Consultancy has acquired a large, diverse clientele, with many of its customers stemming from public sector organisations. Such clients are introduced to the company through its social media pages and strong presence on LinkedIn. This means that Animo Consultancy does noy have to approach people – its clientele has spawned organically. These clients, however, do have some things in common – they operate within the health, education or information technology sector. Animo Consultancy specialises in Health Informatics, which refers to the rapidly evolving discipline of using technology, information, data and communications to support health related fields, such as medicine, nursing, pharmaceuticals, and dentistry. Operating in partnership with several organisations, including the prestigious Global eHealth Collaborative, to develop, contribute to, and educate the community about health informatics standards. What it doesn’t do is try to do everything. Animo Consultancy knows how and why it thrives, and as a result, remains within its field to advance its knowledge as much as possible. There are hundreds of larger businesses in the IT Sector that deliver a broader remit; however, they will Most Innovative Healthcare Informatics Consultancy 2022 Jun22189 Consultancy provides an environment in which the team members can reach their full potential. It gives the staff the authority to make decisions as well as the responsibility for delivery. Going forwards, the company hopes to continue evolving, ultimately ensuring that it lies on the cutting edge of all industry innovations. Animo Consultancy hopes to further develop its business, provide excellent customer service, and, of course, celebrate its success. Contact: Monica Jones Company: Animo Consultancy Ltd Web Address: