IT Awards 2023

16 | SME News IT Awards 2023 Best Electronic Billing and Payment Software Solutions Provider 2023 The world has changed. And as technology has advanced, so has the demand to sign up for new services, manage accounts and make payments online and via mobile devices. Choosing the right partner to support your digital journeys can be a tricky road to navigate for even the most adept of businesses. One organisation that has mastered this art however and has excelled at removing these roadblocks for clients altogether is UK-based ebpSource Limited (ebpSource), our Best Electronic Billing and Payment Software Solutions Provider 2023. As a result of its worldwide reach, ebpSource can apply its team of experienced professionals to deliver globally renowned services that have long since made their mark on the electronic billing and payment industry. Since the market’s inception, ebpSource has been closely following every technological evolution, all whilst maintaining an unparalleled level of quality that stands as a testament to its award-winning status. From telecoms and financial services, to utilities, government, and outsourced service providers, ebpSource produces software solutions for all digital billing and payment needs. Not only does it manage digital billing and payment, but it also utilises its wealth of talent to offer e-document, e-contract, e-invoicing, and high-volume, centrally managed digital payment services to clients across the globe. Regardless of industry, ebpSource has the tools and experience at its disposal to make online and mobile billing and payment issues a thing of the past. With a primary client base of central and national banks, payment processors, leading telecoms and financial service providers, major IT organisations, and governments, ebpSource demonstrates its exceptional understanding of its field. It specialises in providing software infrastructures that are capable of underpinning and supporting long-term business growth, whilst simultaneously fostering customer service excellence. ebpSource acts as a beacon for companies looking for support in their digital billing, document, and payment journeys, and seeks out prolonged relationships built on mutual trust and understanding. It achieves this by ensuring that its services are 100% on-time and on-budget, whilst running as a completely independent, self-funded company. Its partnership approach towards its work is strictly long-term focused, which allows it to excel in supporting client needs and the bonds it forms with its customers. Nothing exemplifies ebpSource’s brilliance quite like its staff base. Due to the company’s internal structures and a flat and open management approach, unlike the majority of larger corporations, ebpSource is able instead to focus on individual brilliance. Every member of the team demonstrates an efficiency and passion for their work, which has ultimately resulted in a near-zero staff turnover within the company since its inception. Not only is the team consistently at the top of its game, but everyone is geared towards progressing themselves, not just as employees, but as people and team members too. Their dedication to ebpSource is beyond admirable, and yet ebpSource doesn’t take advantage of this loyalty, nor take it for granted. The company is incredibly aware of the fantastic collective that has been forged, something which is regularly highly praised by its clients across the globe. ebpSource embodies what it means to be unique.. It devotes itself to helping its clients navigate the complexity of the digital billing and payment space, helping clients through the management of their complex, high-value and high-volume digital processes, across all channels. All of this culminates in satisfied clients who are able to focus on building successful digital businesses, whilst ebpSource handles many of the tricky parts behind the scenes. ebpSource’s has been a front-runner in this digital world since the early days. There’s an unwavering determination to be the best of the best for its clients, and it’s this mindset that ignites such passion throughout its team. We can’t wait to see where it goes from here. Contact: Steve Wright Company: ebpSource Limited Web Address: