IT Awards 2023

26 | SME News IT Awards 2023 Best Cloud-Based Engagement Delivery Company 2023 Decided Ltd specialises in engagement, programme and project delivery utilising primarily cloud-based technologies, such as Salesforce/Veeva/Microsoft Dynamics; additionally data and business intelligence, analytics and insights through Advanced Logical Intelligence Capabilities & Enrichment (ALICE). We find out more from CEO Andrew Brooker and the company celebrates a win in the IT Awards 2023. As one of the leading UK-based independent global Professional Services and Engagement (PSE) firms, Decided Ltd (Decided) has specialised experience across a plethora of technologies, industries, cultures, and geographies. Led by a dynamic and passionate partnership of individuals, Decided is committed to people before profit and positively changing the world around us, and provides bespoke efficient solutions tailormade to its clients rather than a rebadged recycled offering. Decided’s background originated across a diverse landscape of professional services and consulting, customer service, technology hardware and software, engineering, teaching/ lecturing/education, and military services. The firm aims to achieve this through a combination of fair, ethical pricing, looking after teams and clients, continually investing in our partnerships to build strong, mutually beneficial relationships, and promoting people before profit. “Our core values are honesty, integrity, and respect; without these there is no partnership, no engagement, no trust,” explains Andrew Brooker, the firm’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Our word is our bond, we will not compromise on integrity – it sits at the heart of all we do. Decided is not just a business, it is not just a name, it is a commitment to achieving mutual success.” The services offered by Decided Ltd are not unlike those of the consulting giants however its unique selling point is its agility and dedication. The firm’s model ensures absolute commitment, dedication, and personal investment in the successful outcome since its teams are all self-employed contractors, an approach which Andrew believes creates a personal connection between Decided, its clients and the self-employed contractors which in turn encourages self-motivation, employing optimised efficiencies, invested time management, accountability and responsibility, and a true care and pride in the delivery. In return, Decided offers a higher than market value renumeration and a flexible remote working week totalling 40 hours max in order to promote work life balance. “Our teams comprise of personal recommendations and individuals we have worked with before and span from the inexperienced to multifaceted veterans,” Andrew elaborates of the team. “The right attitude and behaviours are the single largest part of what we look for when seeking additions, skills and knowledge can be taught but the right behaviours and attitude are natural, instinctive, and an absolute must.” Decided has a plethora of technologies and disciplines it specialises in, bound as either fixed fee, time and material, or resource augmentation day rate, allowing it to offer a comprehensive inclusive package to all clients to meet and exceed the requirements. No matter the technology, the firm’s primary focus is always on its people (the client/customer/the team) rather than profit. Recently, Decided gained recognition in the IT Awards and was named Best Cloud-Based Engagement Delivery Company 2023. Now, Andrew tells us, there are a vast array of plans for both the firm and its parent company, Q Holdings Group, in the pipeline for the future. “Presently, we have three firms including our own internal software development company, a further three companies in start-up and another 11 in the pipeline including not-for-profits focusing on healthcare, education, employment, and housing,” he enthuses. “But collectively the group shares one common goal, to help put the human back into humanity, and the us in business.” Contact: Andrew Brooker Company: Decided Ltd Web Address: “Be Decided, make today count for tomorrow.”