IT Awards 2023

With over 20 years of experience in the field, Two Hours Sleep has mastered the art of developing and maintaining a whole range of websites. From WordPress and Shopify, to membership sites, it’s able to apply its expertise to forge bespoke platforms for its clients to operate upon. It combines its eye for design with its intrinsic ability to understand the goals and aims of its clients, all to ensure that the end result perfectly captures what each individual business stands for. Web design is a complicated art indeed, and most people don’t tend to recognise this in their day-to-day lives. However, when you see a great looking website, you start to understand just how crucial it is to have an online presence that’s both professional and beautiful to look at. Two Hours Sleep acts as a bridge between the two – as a direct result of the plethora of talent that’s at the helm of the company, it manages to concoct sites that unify utility and aesthetics in order to truly grasp the attention of a client’s selected target audience. What differentiates Two Hours Sleep from other firms of similar origins, however, is how it maps out its development strategies. It prioritises reusability, flexibility, and long-term cost savings for each client. These values are upheld from the very start of the design process, right to the end of a project, and even continues to flourish once the site has been completed. Two Hours Sleep is unique in its ability to provide comprehensive maintenance to any client who should require it, and is incredibly proud of how avidly it devotes itself to making its customers’ lives far easier. Two Hours Sleep is beyond adept in its technological tools, and devotes itself to consistently mastering, not only the evolving state of the tech around us, but the developing trends within different industries. It carries out immense amounts of research to delve into the sort of style that a client could be seeking out, and proceeds to expand on said trends. As a result, it’s able to outperform the majority of sites in terms of visuals and functionality, presenting clients with the chance to own a web platform that’s at the cutting-edge of their respective industry’s styles and trends. Of course, as mentioned prior, the process of designing a cohesive online presence can be a daunting task for anyone. Thankfully, Two Hours Sleep is more than aware of this fact, and breaks its projects down into five key stages. This way, the client receives a consistency that’s not too common within the industry. They’ll know exactly what to expect, and when to expect it, which allows Two Hours Sleep to work both effectively and efficiently, all whilst keeping the client in the loop. Quality is a given with Two Hours Sleep. It tirelessly works to upgrade and update all of its processes, and the result is a company that’s mastered the art of, not only web design, but satisfying clients through its brilliant services. Clients can expect an undeniable sense of importance concerning their projects, with on-hand support readily available should they see it necessary to request aftercare for their newly crafted site. Two Hours Sleep has brilliance at its heart. It recognises the importance of a striking online presence, and aims to provide in every aspect. From the initial design process, to its aftercare programs, Two Hours Sleep has defined itself as a site designer and developer that’s committed to masterfully crafting a place for businesses to fully express themselves to their audiences. You can sleep easy knowing that Two Hours Sleep is taking you towards the next step for your business. Contact: Philippe Marr - Director Company: Two Hours Sleep Web Address: Now that we’re deep into the digital age, having an eye-catching online presence has never been more important. In most cases, websites capture the very essence of what an individual holds dear to their heart, but this passion may struggle to manifest if it isn’t supported by a well-designed online presence. Two Hours Sleep has introduced a means for businesses to portray themselves online in new and innovative ways, and we venture into how. Most Innovative Website Creation & Development Service 2023