IT Awards 2023

28 | SME News IT Awards 2023 Best ERP Software Provider 2023 With industry-leading software solutions, Affinitus Group Limited specialises in acting as a long-term strategic IT partner for its customers, from implementation to the many years of use that follow. We profile the firm to find out more as it celebrates a win in the IT Awards 2023. Affinitus Group Limited (Affinitus) is an ERP software provider which has been dedicated to providing software solutions to the food and beverage industry for more than 30 years. As a global leader in the development, integration, and implementation of ERP software solutions for this sector, Affinitus’ core values centre around innovation, customer focus, and excellence. “These core values guide us in everything we do and help us to stay true to our mission of delivering the most reliable and efficient software solutions to our customers,” explains a spokesperson for the company. “We are committed to embracing change and are continuously evolving our products and services to best serve the needs of our customers. We believe that these core values are essential to our success.” Serving a wide range of clients, including fresh produce and food companies, as well as other kinds of businesses, Affinitus approaches its clients by providing them with a flexible and customised solution that meets their unique needs. Understanding that every business has different requirements and needs, Affinitus strives to provide an individualised solution that works best for each of its clients. Arguably, its unique selling point is that it provides its clients with a standard solution that can be used in different ways. “Our solutions are designed to be as flexible and adaptable as possible, so that each of our clients can make the most of the solution we provide,” the spokesperson elaborates. “We also offer ongoing support and maintenance, so that our clients can keep their solutions up to date and in line with their changing needs.” The food and beverage industry is fast moving and demanding, with an unforgiving, time sensitive, and data driven supply chain which is governed by a plethora of industry regulations and food safety and traceability requirements. This environment creates the need for highly managed and auditable processes which in turn generates mountains of paperwork and records. To this end, Affinitus’ ERP solutions are designed to wherever possible automate these processes, and drive electronic data collection to achieve paperless operations. The ERP solutions empower a workforce with data for agile decision making promoting maximum efficiency and productivity. “Our solutions embrace all new technological developments, such as Artificial Intelligence and mobile technologies, to help our customers thrive and grow in the challenging business environment.” Affinitus also prides itself on its positive internal culture and firmly believes that it is important to create an environment that encourages collaboration, innovation, and personal growth where individuals can thrive and succeed. When bringing on new staff, the company looks specifically for individuals who are passionate about the customers, keen to learn, and are committed to making the business thrive by delivering exceptional client service. Turning challenges into opportunities is another of Affinitus’ strong points. During the recent pandemic the firm brought forward the development of its Customer Web Ordering Portal for food and beverage wholesalers. The product was rapidly launched to help food wholesale and distribution customers continue to operate during Covid-19 and enabled customers to place their orders online 24/7, negating the need for telesales and administration staff to be in the office. “Our web portal was a huge success, and our customers still provide this online ordering facility for their clients after realising the benefits during the pandemic – like many things post-pandemic – it’s become the new normal.” More recently, Affinitus celebrated success in the IT Awards where it was recognised as Best ERP Software Provider 2023, for its dedication and support to customers. Now, over the next 12 months, the firm will continue to invest heavily in its ERP software solutions to ensure that it is providing its customers with the best possible user experience. Affinitus will also be launching new features and functionalities to its software to help customers increase their efficiency and productivity. Additionally, the company plans to be working hard to ensure that its innovative solutions are constantly evolving and adapting to the changing needs of all of its customers. “Beyond that, we’ll be exploring new opportunities to expand our presence in the ERP software market,” the spokesperson states. “As well as continuing to innovate and provide our customers with the best solutions available.” Company: Affinitus Group Limited Web Address: