IT Awards 2023

As the leading provider of pre-accounting automation for accountants and bookkeepers, Dext’s cloud-based software application empowers business owners, accountants, and bookkeepers to electronically capture and store receipts, invoices, and other supporting documents that a business depends on to keep accurate and secure financial records. In short, Dext removes the hassle of manual entry and is designed to save accounting or bookkeeping practices time whilst increasing efficiency. To date, Dext has saved 35 million hours of manual data entry, captured 900 million plus e-Commerce transactions and scanned 1.44 billion receipts and invoices. Its software also supports a range of providers, including Xero, QBO, and Sage, connected seamlessly with the world’s leading accounting software. The company does this through its three innovative key products, these being ‘Dext Prepare’ for automated data extraction, ‘Dext Precision’ for accountancy practice data insights, and ‘Dext Commerce’ to manage e-commerce sales data. These tools help deliver consistent, quality bookkeeping work and accounting services that are in line with all global regulations. Dext’s internal team of experts complement the capabilities of its products, ensuring that the company delivers a holistic solution that meets the evolving needs of customers. Together, the team enables Dext to deliver exceptional value to its customers and remain at the forefront of the industry. “Dext provides a diverse selection of cutting-edge solutions,” explains Chief Executive Officer, Sabby Gill. “We’re dedicated to delivering exceptional service customers. Dext consistently enhances its products to adapt to the evolving requirements of accountants and business owners. The cumulative effect of thousands of these advancements generates tangible benefits for our valued customers.” Dext's products have an accuracy rate exceeding 99%, instilling confidence in accountants and businesses regarding the reliability of their data. This high level of accuracy ensures that they remain in full control of their financial information. As well as its innovative raft of products, Dext also stands out from the crowd with its exceptional team, who are constantly pushing boundaries and fostering innovation. The Dext team comprises qualified accounting experts and an outstanding support team who consistently offer valuable insights to the firm’s internal teams and customers. This harmonious combination empowers the company to deliver unrivalled solutions and support, surpassing industry standards. Automation tools such as Dext play a crucial role in addressing challenges by enhancing productivity and streamlining daily operations. By automating data entry and minimising manual input, accountants and bookkeepers can save valuable time, allowing them to concentrate on offering additional guidance and support to their own clients. The biggest challenges facing tech companies like Dext right now is the rapidly evolving landscape of regulations and compliance requirements across different regions (for example, E-invoicing and MTD). Sabby tells us more, “We have dedicated individuals that closely monitor changes in regulations and work proactively to ensure our products meet any new requirements. We also invest heavily in our technology platform to ensure it is flexible and scalable enough to adapt to changing compliance requirements.” Recently, for its dedication to customers and its innovative offerings, Dext gained notable recognition in the IT Awards as it was named Best Accounting Cloud-Based Software Company 2023. Understandably delighted by this prestigious accolade, Dext’s eyes are now firmly on the future, and it is committed to consistently pushing the boundaries to take the lead in the realms of AI, machine learning, and automation. The company has an array of upcoming updates in store. Presently, one of the ongoing projects centres around developing sales invoices, quotes, and supporting e-invoicing functionalities for its French customer base. “Dext is actively engaged in various initiatives across different regions,” says Sabby, divulging a few plans for the future. “The team is developing a new dashboard for Dext Precision which will furnish accountants and bookkeepers with invaluable insights, enabling them to make informed decisions with confidence. Overall, Dext remains committed to delivering state-of-the-art solutions that effectively address the evolving requirements of its esteemed customers.” Contact: Sabby Gill Company: Dext Web Address: Trusted by thousands of accountants, bookkeepers, and businesses worldwide, Dext's pioneering cloud-based software provides accounting solutions and online bookkeeping to help its clients to be more productive – and save time on their day-to-day tasks. We speak to CEO, Sabby Gill, and learn more about the company as it celebrates success in the IT Awards 2023. Best Accounting Cloud-Based Software Company 2023