IT Awards 2023

32 | SME News IT Awards 2023 Most Innovative Managed IT Services Provider 2023 - London Technology services company, Lyon Managed Services, is an expert in solving the most complex security and technology challenges of creative sector businesses. In the wake of the firm being recognised in the IT Awards 2023, we find out more about its ethos from Head of Professional Services Emanuel Mandat. Lyon Managed Services (Lyon) is a managed IT services provider which offers specialist technology and cyber security support to creative enterprises headquartered in London. Currently, the firm manages and maintains over 100 creative companies within its portfolio – spread across various sectors including architecture, architectural visualisation, structural engineering, civil engineering, construction, and more. Amongst its services it offers managed it services, professional services, managed cloud services, cyber security services, communication and collaboration with its core values being based on the primary four pillars of leadership, trust, integrity, and passion. Lyon’s mission is to deliver, maintain and support technologies that in turn would allow seamless business growth, communication and collaboration for its clients and done in ways that reduces the burden of technology on the business, increases overall security and delivers assurance to its people and future. Having operated in the AEC sector for more than seven years, Lyon’s engineers, technologies, processes and procedures are all designed and catered to meet the needs of its clients. “Within the everchanging world of technology the only potential solution to keeping abreast of advancements is to concentrate all of our efforts on the needs of the creative sector,” explains Head of Professional Services, Emanuel Mandat. “Building a team of engineers with proven track records in the creative sector, regular training and development programmes in relation to software, hardware and technology advancements of this sector has allowed us to stay ahead of the competition.” The firm’s internal culture is defined by a strong sense of collaboration, respect, and continuous growth. Lyon strives to create an inclusive and supportive environment where every member of the team feels valued and empowered. “Upholding our core values is of utmost importance to us, and we ensure that they permeate throughout our organisation,” Emanuel elaborates. “We foster open dialogue and encourage feedback at all levels, allowing ideas to flow freely and facilitating a culture of trust and mutual respect. Regular team meetings, town halls, and company-wide updates help ensure that everyone is aligned with our values and understands their role in upholding them.” In addition, Lyon emphasises the importance of professional development and provides ample opportunities for growth and learning. It invests in training programmes, workshops, and conferences to enhance the skills and knowledge of its employees and, by continuously nurturing their talents, the firm creates a culture that values personal and professional growth, encouraging staff members to embody the core values in their daily work. When it comes to recruiting new talent, Emanuel tells us that the company seeks out individuals who align with its core values and demonstrate qualities that contribute to the overall organisational culture. “While technical skills and experience are essential, we also prioritise qualities such as adaptability, teamwork, and a passion for learning. We value individuals who are proactive, innovative, and demonstrate a strong work ethic,” he explains. “We look for individuals who show a genuine interest in our mission and a commitment to upholding our core values. By selecting candidates who not only possess the necessary skills but also embody our culture, we ensure a cohesive and high-performing team that can collectively uphold our values across the organisation.” One significant innovation that Lyon is currently in the process of leveraging cloud solutions for is that of desktop business continuity. By adopting cloud-based infrastructure, Lyon ensures seamless access to critical business applications and data, regardless of the location or device. This innovation enables its clients to maintain productivity and business operations even in the face of unforeseen events or disruptions. Another notable innovation is the introduction of a global file system solution in a hybrid environment. This solution combines the advantages of on-premises infrastructure and cloud-based storage, providing a unified and scalable file system accessible across different locations. It enhances collaboration and data sharing among teams, streamlines workflows, and simplifies data management, ultimately improving efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, working with its primary application partners Adobe and Autodesk, Lyon is in the process of exploring nearline application support and consultancy to its clients. This offering provides clients with expert guidance and support for business specific applications, ensuring optimal performance and seamless integration with their existing systems. This will look to ensure that a dedicated team of consultants assist clients in optimising their creative applications, achieving better data access speeds, and improving overall system reliability. Contact Details Contact: Emanuel Mandat Company: Lyon Managed Services Web Address: