IT Awards 2023

8 | SME News IT Awards 2023 As a full-service agency specialised in network security and software development, Borderless Security is a respected name in the UK’s vast IT security landscape. The company leverages the abilities of technology experts to achieve its goal of fostering a safer digital world, partnering with the sharpest minds and most prestigious universities to offer a world class level of service. It connects leaders and decision makers with a dynamic network of security experts, who accurately deliver solutions to customers across the world. Borderless Security primarily offers a family of three security products through a comprehensive SaaS application. These include FilesDNA, a document and identity management system, UserDNA, a customised identity verification tool, and SignDNA, software for instant signature authentication. Customers can use these products individually if they wish, but they work together especially well. Whilst it specialises in secure networks and software development, Borderless Security understands that its broad approach gives it the edge over its competitors. The company does not just design secure networks and develop software; it also provides a professional service. This is why clients choose to work with Borderless Security. While designers, network professionals, and programmers are easy to find, it is difficult to find a company that has the experience to provide a professional, high-quality, and comprehensive service. Borderless Security does not just want to be another provider of a good service. Instead, it wants to foster real trust with its customers. To this end, it provides tailored solutions with personalised strategies that address their specific needs, supported by highly skilled cybersecurity professionals who deliver top-notch expertise. Its team have worked with a wide array of vendors, platforms, languages, and tools throughout the course of its various projects, meaning they have experience in many diverse areas across network, security, and software development. Borderless Security understands that cybersecurity can be complex and confusing. Because of this, it works to empower its clients by equipping them with tools that promote security education and awareness to help them build a strong culture of security within their organisations. The company also provides them with comprehensive solutions and user-friendly tools that can significantly simplify their security processes, making effective security more accessible to them. Furthermore, as cybersecurity regulations continue to change and evolve, Borderless Security ensures that its clients remain compliant with the relevant data protection and privacy laws, preventing them from facing penalties and legal troubles due to accidental non-compliance. To maintain its position of leadership in IT security, Borderless Security is dedicated to engaging in continuous innovation and collaboration. It capitalises on trends like cloud security, IoT, AI, automation, and compliance to deliver effective and streamlined security measures and retain a competitive advantage. As a forward-thinking company, Borderless Security is committed to continually evolving and adapting to meet the dynamic challenges of the IT security landscape. It continues to invest in research and development to provide clients with cutting edge solutions that effectively combat emerging threats. In this, it further caters to the needs of its clients by exploring new technologies. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Borderless Security. Whilst it is constantly looking to improve its solutions and innovate to compete in a populated landscape, the company’s priority is always to consider the customer’s experience first and foremost. It constantly seeks feedback and works to improve its solutions based Established in 2013, Borderless Security Ltd. is a leading UK-based IT security company offering comprehensive solutions to businesses of all sizes, including cybersecurity consulting, managed security, penetration testing, training, and compliance services. Its goal is to secure clients’ digital assets and contribute towards the creation of a safer digital environment. Most Innovative SaaS Application 2023