IT Awards 2023

on their experiences. Its staff are encouraged to always provide exceptional support and communication to customers. With such high standards for the services it provides, Borderless Security must maintain the best workforce for the task. It operates based on a culture of collaboration, ethics, and innovation. To facilitate this, its leading members model the behaviours they expect of their team, whilst providing them with training and recognition for their achievements. This encourages its employees to deliver excellence. When hiring new talent, Borderless Security seeks individuals with developed expertise in cybersecurity, value for integrity and transparency, strong problem-solving skills, a collaborative and innovative mindset, and a customer-focused approach. By seeking people with these qualities and fostering talent, the company invests in a team that is equipped to deliver the standard of service it aims to provide. As a result of its commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, Borderless Security’s flagship SaaS application, FilesDNA, has received a multitude of positive reviews on TrustPilot, with customers praising its convenient, usable, and effective nature. For example, one customer states, “This is a great solution for so many areas of business. My favourite is to send signature requests together with ID verification. This way I can do business with suppliers from abroad and have an absolute assurance about who I am dealing with. The practical use of a mobile app to sign and ID verify is a total TOP for me. I can only recommend.” In light of this, Borderless Security Ltd. has been awarded Most Innovative SaaS Application in the IT Awards 2023. We congratulate the company on this commendable achievement and look forward to seeing what it goes on to accomplish as it continues to innovate and lead the cybersecurity landscape. Contact: Mohammed Sahib Aldin Company: Borderless Security Limited Web Address: