Legal Awards 2022

11 | Legal Awards 2022 Creative Legal Solutions Solicitors having won acclaim with the above award, is a property investment law firm that has garnered notoriety amongst peers, partners, and clients alike over the years. With decades of experience under its belt and an exemplary team behind it, each individual on its staff has worked hard to become a legal front-runner in their own right, one outstanding example of this being Julie Condliffe, the winner of the ‘Specialist Auction Solicitor of the Year’ award for 2022. A specialist property auction law firm, Creative Legal Solutions Solicitors is based in London, the only dedicated auction and lease option lawyers of its kind in the country. Helping investors, landlords, and agents, it is an expert in eviction litigation, making the tenant eviction process as easy and efficient as possible despite the turmoil that can often come hand in hand with such a process. Nominally, providing legal packs, property investments, evictions, and lease option lawyers, it invites clients to get in touch with its professionals for a free consultation. The team at Creative Legal Solutions Solicitors is able to talk them through the ins and outs of the legal process and explain how a quote is drummed up, and what they can expect when working with Creative Legal Solutions Solicitors. In essence, Creative Legal Solutions Solicitors makes client satisfaction and comfort its top priority. With an incredible team of professionals behind it who are each experts in their fields, its services focus on helping landlords and tenants in the London metropolitan area and the UK in the broader sense, aiding them with litigation when it comes down the pike in both civil and commercial law. Additionally, its auctioneering legal packs can aid a client on either side of the buying or selling fence, allowing them to navigate these waters faster, smarter, and with great ease, emboldened by over three years of experience in putting such packs together for its clientele. Moreover, its creative strategy services have become widely known across its field for the exemplary nature of them; it has a unique Best Boutique Auction Law Firm 2022 and outstanding ability for empathetic and understanding services, working with a client to pull out the nitty gritty of each case in order to ensure that no detail is left unaccounted for. Its unparalleled lease option advisory service for landlords and tenants in the UK has made it an invaluable legal partner for many clients. Julie Condliffe is one of the experts working hard to make each of these front-running services possible. Winner of the above award title, Julie is the founding and managing partner of Creative Legal Solutions Solicitors with over 20 years of experience in the field of property law. Having made herself a big name and trusted, dependable legal counsel to many over her years in auction conveyancing, commercial lease renewal, and property litigation, she has garnered pre-eminence amongst colleagues, peers, and clients for her continual hard work and dedication. Critically, through this, she has been able to be the guiding hand for thousands of people. A sought-after speaker, writer, and expert on all things property and property legislation. Julie Condliffe has written articles for leading papers and magazines such as the Law Society Gazette, instilling Creative Legal Solutions Solicitors with her own ethos of ‘inspiring, intelligent, and innovation’ legal work in order to make it a jewel in London’s crown. Company: Creative Legal Solutions Solicitors t/a Creative Legals Contact: Julie Condliffe Website: Jan22672