Legal Awards 2022

14 | Legal Awards 2022 Therefore, in 2022, the firm is looking forward to growing and learning. Over the next year, it plans to build upon its remote working structure and introduce new team members. Contact: Vicki Strachan Company: Strachan IP Limited Web Address: Strachan IP Limited is an intellectual property firm with a difference. Indeed, it has moved away from the stale practices commonly used within the industry, instead offering a fresh approach to the management of intellectual property and innovation. The firm is committed to providing an optimal service – one that greatly benefits its clients and, subsequently, their businesses. Taking a unique approach to intellectual property management, Strachan IP Limited acts as a full-service firm, that effortlessly combines an abundance of experience in many different STEM sectors with the highest quality client care. Whether working with an established client that has a vast intellectual property portfolio or an entrepreneur that’s entering the intellectual property sphere for the first time, Strachan IP has perfect solutions that can be tailored towards the client’s needs. Maintaining over 20 years of experience of working in private practice with clients of all sizes, including start-up and spinout companies, universities, SMEs, and multinational corporations, Strachan IP has acquired experience across the science, technology, and manufacturing sectors. Henceforth, it is equipped to help its clients to identify, capture and ultimately manage the intellectual property within their business, with effective solutions informed by such experience. Strachan IP is wholly devoted to gaining a deep understanding of the client’s business, what sets it apart from their competitors, and how the intellectual property within the business maps onto their uniqueness in the market, in turn, ensuring that the right parts of the business receive protection and to make certain that money isn’t being spent on less important or obsolete intellectual property that bears no use in protecting the client’s ‘USP.’ This, in essence, embodies Strachan IP’s approach to client care – it guarantees perfection. Its focus is always on the client, searching to find the best possible methods Best Intellectual Property Firm - South Wales and results to fit the client’s business, and offering options that the client can understand. It is with this firmly in mind that Strachan IP takes the time to explain clearly what legal statutes apply to their business, what that means to them, and what they can do to strengthen their position. Confidence is key, and if the client needs more information, it is willing to provide it. Moreover, the firm states that it ‘works with, rather than for our clients to offer a commercially focused solution that best suits their business needs as well as their budget.’ Additionally, promising that ‘they will always know when we’re doing chargeable work, how much it will cost, what they’re getting for that, and when to expect the invoice.’ Further, this approach is supported by Strachan IP’s highly professional team. The firm’s focus on people is not limited to its clients as it pays deep attention to the wants and needs of its team, cultivating an environment in which people are happy to work to the best of their ability. It takes the time to get to know its employees and potential recruits, as it hopes to offer them the best possible working environment and conditions. Furthermore, it has built a global team due to its full-time remote working option and strives to push its team members to achieve their full potential, whatever their career goals may be. Proving to be a great benefit in an industry that has evolved greatly over the years, the closeness of the team has brought about streamlined communication and transparency. Strachan IP is constantly searching for ways to adapt – be it through technology, innovation, or the way it works with its clients. Simply, it understands that stagnation is not an option. Mar22043