Legal Awards 2022

15 | Legal Awards 2022 Being some of the foremost experts in intellectual property law, Briffa has made a name for itself with its team of 23 and its two and a half decades of experience. Having started in 1995, it has cut its teeth on serving its clients with the best work when it comes to intellectual property advice and legal solutions, working with clients of all scales and pursuits. Therefore, over the years, it has created many a return customer out of clients big and small, across creative industries from fashion to product design, tech, food & drink, and more. Fundamentally, this firm prides itself on its communication; Briffa communicates with clients in plain English, one-on-one, and with a deep understanding of their goals, never settling for second best and working hard until the client is totally satisfied. Due to this – and the glowing reviews it has received as a result of both its customer service and case outcomes – it fields over 160 new clients a month and its free initial consultation kicks off these transactions by giving clients a no-obligation way to start. After all, only by way of honest, comprehensive, and empathic conversation can one make a true connection, which is its core goal. Briffa, in essence, works with speed and fixed fees in order to keep the client at the centre of its work, protecting the wellbeing of their creative enterprises without needing them to break the bank. Founded ‘to help David fight Goliath’, it is especially good at helping smaller companies when their intellectual property is infringed upon by a bigger industry peer; however, it also has significant cohort of very large multi-national clients. Thus, its team of expert solicitors are each committed, intelligent, and hardworking. They have all been hired due to their ability to think like a partner from day one, with Briffa deeming the commercial acumen of its professionals Most Trusted IP Law Firm 2022 to be paramount. Therefore, Briffa has been able to build a team of legal experts who are excellent communicators, problem solvers, and commercially minded thinkers. As it moves forward into the future, it will continue to defend original and creative work – as well as being one of the finest choices for SMEs – and it looks forward to serving them out of either its London or Irish office, developing new practices at home and further afield. Company: Briffa Contact: William Miles Website: Mar22754 Briffa, both in terms of intellectual property law and customer service, has made itself a trusted expert in its field. Having been in operation for over 25 years, the trust it has cultivated from its clients shows no signs of slowing, with ever more clients coming to it on a daily basis in order to receive the most cost effective aid in navigating the choppy waters of intellectual property law.