Legal Awards 2022

16 | Legal Awards 2022 reliable basis, gaining further notoriety with every client they serve. Thus, even though law is still very much a field dominated by a few ‘big name’ firms, smaller firms such as Kee Solicitors are slowly catching up. Moreover, many of their clients keep them on as their one-stop-shop for all things family law after they work with them for the first time, going on to recommend them to family, friends, and peers. They are, of course, incredibly grateful for this and for their clients’ continued trust, which they promises to continue to pay back by bettering themselves, their processes, and their team even further. Never resting on their laurels, they looks forward to their future expansion, reassuring their clients that the personally focused nature of their business will remain a constant throughout. Company: Kee Solicitors Contact: Jonathan Kee, Website: With a true, client-focused, and empathic way of working that has set them apart from their peers, Kee Solicitors allows minor tasks and administration to be handled through their well-developed technology and automated processes. Leaving their team far more time to focus on legal work and connect on a human, personal, and empathic level with their clients. They have developed an incredible capability for comprehensive understanding that lets clients feel taken care of, respected, and listened to throughout the process of helping them navigate family law. Being a modern, transparent, and approachable law firm is where Kee Solicitors excels. First and foremost, their high-level and premium services are provided at an affordable price that ensures everyone can gain access to the kind of representation they deserve without feeling priced out of it. Nominally, this is achieved by embracing the kind of technology that cuts down on human labour and human error, allowing the automated processes it has implemented to take care of the administrative and minor tasks whilst their exemplary and empathic professionals focus on what really matters: the client. Above all else, the client is the most important element of the business to Kee Solicitors, and their team promises to always treat them with the kind of respect and empathy that everyone reaching out for a solicitor should be given. This has resulted in a business that has gained notoriety for not only the excellence of the results, but the relative stressless nature of the processes involved, with Kee Solicitors taking on the brunt of the most difficult aspects so that a client doesn’t have to. They appreciate that family law – one of their specialist areas – can be sensitive, emotional, and upsetting, and promises to help their clients through their difficult periods with an outstanding depth of understanding. Part of this is always keeping the client informed. They abolish any unnecessary red tape in order to always keep clients in the loop, answering their concerns, queries, and comments in good time and adapting their services to what they need over the course of the exchange. Kee Solicitors, in essence, will never be truly satisfied until a client is truly satisfied, and their flexibility thanks to the lack of minor tasks handled by their own team has helped them to achieve this on a Best Specialist Family Law Firm - Scotland Mar22750