Legal Awards 2022

18 | Legal Awards 2022 doing her qualifications to become an Arbitrator. Many people struggle to afford a traditional lawyer, and in some cases a lawyer is not the appropriate option. In many disputes, what is required is a team who can resolve the issues that have arisen in a timely manner whilst maintaining respect and dignity for all parties. Totally ADR stands apart as being able to deliver this sort of service, with team members like Julie leading the way for the industry. The success of the firm over the years is a credit to the team’s incredible work ethic. We celebrate the team’s achievement and look forward to what they do next. Company: Totally ADR Name: Julie Blackmer Email: There’s nothing quite so sensitive as family matters, and tackling the legal aspects of this can have an enormous effect on how we live. The team at Totally ADR Ltd (formerly Family Law Solutions Ltd) are leaders in the field, with Julie Blackmer, a Senior Executive at the firm, earning a special mention. Her work has brought her amazing success in the UK Legal Awards 2022. We dig a little deeper to uncover the reasons why. Family law often goes considerably deeper than many people think. To those who are going through the process, it often revolves around the things we hold most dear. No one understands this better than Julie Blackmer, who has long been recognised for her incredible skill in the fields of Family Law. Over the years, she has offered invaluable help to her clients, managing to help them to secure the best possible results. Thanks to the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012, the ability of people to afford representation has been severely limited. It can be a challenge even to instruct Direct Access Counsel. Totally ADR stands apart as someone different, with their staff able to offer their services as Professional McKenzie friend’s. A McKenzie friend is someone with a wealth of professional experience who will be at your side throughout Court which can often be a traumatic experience. Most McKenzie friends are unregulated, with many who are not actually legally qualified. The strength of Julie Blackner and the team at Totally ADR is that every single one of their team is fully qualified, insured and Totally ADR approved, having undergone an impressive degree of training to ensure that you are supported throughout the process. More than 500 people have been able to benefit from the expertise offered by the team, with more than 90% of cases settled before the final hearing. This element of family law is often overlooked by many, but makes a crucial part of Julie’s offering to the business and its clients. She is registered with the CMC as a Civil and Commercial Mediator and is certified to conduct Court of Protection Mediation. Her background is in negotiation, and over the years has been instructed to assist Litigants in Person in the Family and Civil Courts. Whilst qualified to the highest level, Julie is always looking for new ways to serve her clients more effectively. She is currently working towards completing her CILEX Level 3 Certificate in Law with a specialism in Family Law and Practice and Family Law Consultant of the Year 2022: Julie Blackmer & Client Service Excellence Award 2022 Mar22177 Totally ADR