Legal Awards 2022

25 | Legal Awards 2022 Specialising in the energy sector, Energy Law Unlimited LLP offers a unique perspective on an industry that is often left with traditional and one-size-fits-all legal solutions. Rather than following the status quo, Energy Law Unlimited LLP offers services that are tailored to the client and their project. Indeed, Mark O’Dowd, Managing Partner, has been a leading force behind this innovative approach. Representing developers, landowners, financiers, and contractors, Energy Law Unlimited LLP is a law practise that focuses on the energy sector. Its team boasts a wealth of experience in designing and tailoring bespoke legal solutions from the genesis of a project through to the disposal re-finance, or operation and maintenance of single or multiple sites. Indeed, throughout each projects the firm takes on, Energy Law Unlimited LLP’s solicitors are devoted to formulating the perfect solution that will ensure the best possible outcome. This is supported by the company’s mantra, ‘Good clients. Good projects. Good lawyers.’ Energy Law Unlimited LLP supplies both modular and suite services which can be entirely flexible in order to suit its clients’ needs. From banking to corporate, and property services to dispute resolution, the law firm offers a wide range of services that have each been designed to cultivate efficacy. Additionally, numerous examples of the firm’s work can be found via the digital portfolio showcased on its website. It has had the privilege of collaborating with Lockerbie Biogas, ETHX Energy, Pogbie Wind Farm, and many more. When working with such clients, Energy Law Unlimited LLP relies upon its team to guarantee an entirely client-centric service. It is imperative that the client comes first and that the team works to fulfil their wishes, wants, and needs. Consequently, Energy Law Unlimited LLP has built a workforce that is committed to working to their best ability. Consisting of highly-skilled lawyers, the team maintains a diverse skillset and an impressive understanding of the industry in which it specialises – as such, the company on the whole has garnered a positive reputation. Within this team is a standout Managing Partner. For over ten years, Mark O’Dowd has been advising energy generators and developer clients with great determination and enthusiasm, culminating in the creation of Energy Law Unlimited LLP in 2013. The highly experienced property and contracts lawyer takes an approach that is fundamentally rooted in the legal process and the clients’ projects – this has resulted in the successful challenging of Ofgem decisions in relation to ROCs, FITS and RHI eligibility and commissioning tests. The University of Strathclyde graduate undertook training in Commercial Contracts and Property at Bishops – which was then acquired by and merged with Brodies. In 2007, Mark then joined HBJ Gately’s, for whom he served as the Director of Operations and established the firm’s energy team. It is this experience that informs Mark’s current role within Energy Law Unlimited LLP, where he utilises it to set out the company’s vision, objectives, and strategies. Furthermore, Mark is responsible for the development of unique products and services which are designed to grow the business. Under Mark’s guidance, Energy Law Unlimited LLP is heading for an increasingly successful future. It plans to continue executing its highstandard of work, through which it will maintain its reputation for excellence. Contact: Mark O’Dowd Company: Energy Law Unlimited LLP Web Address: Mar22077 Industrial Property & Contract Lawyer of the Year 2022: Mark O’Dowd