Legal Awards 2022

24 | Legal Awards 2022 incredible reputation for their ability to assist clients to find the right way forward for them. From the first telephone call – free of charge at this point – the team do their best to put people at their ease. It’s not enough to offer great advice, it has to be available in a form wherein people can be at their ease. One of the key aspects of the business has become their approach to Probate law. Probate is a legal document that allows the deceased’s assets to be released to one or more people who have the legal authority to act and administer the estate. With this document providing control over the release of assets, it’s clearly important that the right decisions are made for all concerned. Those who turn to Seagull Legal Services to tackle this sort of work do so because they are experts in the field. Every year, they are trusted to deal with millions of pounds in estates, taking their fees directly from the estates that they have been able to secure. Those who engage the team from Seagull Legal Services are often in an awkward position, being recently bereaved. The last thing they want to do is deal with the assets of a loved one. That Seagull Legal Services is so highly recommended by those who have gone through the process is a credit to the care and attention they provide at all times. It’s not enough when working with a customer to expect them to know how the legal process works. With so many other concerns, it’s useful to have at least one part of the puzzle well in hand. The Seagull Legal Services team practise an attitude of openness, honesty, social responsibility and caring for others which has allowed them to empower their clients to succeed in challenging circumstances. This openness means that the team is always contactable, offering mobile phone numbers for out-of-hours contact. The team’s impressive attitude sees them take full responsibility for completing the estate administration for their clients. This care and level of detail sets the firm apart from the competition and ensures that you feel totally at ease in their hands. The success of Seagull Legal Services is down not just to their legal expertise, but to the care with which they treat each of their clients. In the most challenging of situations, when emotions are running high, this is the team who keep everything on track. Company: Seagull Legal Services Name: Paul Hill Email: People make their best decisions when given the time to consider all the options available to them. At Seagull Legal Services, the aim is to create an environment where people can plan for the future at their leisure, finding solutions that suit their specific needs. The team’s caring approach has brought them success in SME News’ UK Legal Awards 2022. We dig a little deeper to find out more. With over 30 years’ experience at the team’s fingertips, it’s little wonder that Seagull Legal Services has made a name for itself as a provider of excellent legal advice. Too many people find that what they thought was securely legal was, in fact, not too late in the game to make a real difference. Working alongside their clients, the team at Seagull Legal Services have proven more than capable of ensuring at the right decisions are made from the very start. Everyone thinks about what the future will bring, but few people really consider how to ensure the future they want will come about. The talented team at Seagull Legal Services have built an Probate Lawyers of the Year - South East Mar22165