Legal Awards 2022

8 | Legal Awards 2022 Mar22381 Property Law Firm of the Year - West Midlands Blackfriars Law, a truly client-first legal firm, has made a name for itself with the personal and charismatic touch it brings to its work. Operating with empathy, a forthright nature, and transparency, its expert staff each bring a depth and breadth of expertise to the table, as well as their own personal backgrounds and perspectives. This allows Blackfriars Law to provide truly comprehensive legal solutions that are fundamentally tailored to the individual, their needs, and their lifestyle. Being a full-service law firm, Blackfriars Law has made itself known for its comprehensive legal services. Serving all manner of clientele from businesses to individuals, its corporate and personal law both have thrust it into pre-eminence in Birmingham where it is based, garnering it a long list of clients for whom it is their one-stop legal solution. Furthermore, the West Midlands market has lauded it as exemplary in its expertise, from residential property to commercial property, wills, probate matters, immigration, and civil litigation, with each of its staff boasting their own unique competencies. Due to the exemplary nature of the experts in its ranks, its clients benefit from a holistic approach to property law, and its peers have seen it become a cornerstone of its market segment as a result. Blackfriars Law, whilst it recognises that pricing is a big part of choosing what law firm to go with, recognises that this is far from the only consideration that must be made. Far from it, in fact. In addition to the competitive nature of the rates and the specific proficiencies of a law firm that would allow it to address the challenges a client is facing; Blackfriars Law has worked hard to embody the importance of a holistic service, one that provides its work with tenacity and diligence in all areas. Right from the first interaction, a client benefits from the single-minded diligence with which Blackfriars Law approaches its work, applying the well-rounded knowledge of each of its staff members. Fundamentally, each team member brings a new perspective to a case, emboldened by their own unique proficiencies, fields of expertise, and areas of interest, understanding that clients can certainly find a similar service elsewhere, but showing them that Blackfriars Law is the best choice due to its dedication to going above and beyond. No matter how in-depth the case or how profound the challenges, Blackfriars Law makes it their mission to see it through to the end in order to secure a favourable result for the client. Its polite, friendly, and charismatic staff take a client’s case right from that very first interaction all the way through to its closure, keeping them up to date and informed throughout so that they know how progress is being made and in what manner. Whether by phone call, email correspondence, or in-person meetings, Blackfriars Law responds quickly and efficiently to any concerns, queries, or comments that a client may wish to put forward, assuaging any fears with the competence that the team behind its services operate with. In addition, it has built its reputation for the great attitude of its staff on the principles of respect, understanding, and empathy. Therefore, a client can always expect to receive fair, just, and helpful service from Blackfriars Law, and they can also expect that it will talk to them on an interpersonal and down-to-earth level, leaving the jargon to the forms and to its peers in favour of simple, honest communication. In this way, it shows how it never wishes to run rings around its clients or to take away their agency in a case; critically, the most important person in a legal case is the client. It delivers its services in a manner that is suitable for their personal and legal needs, matching each client with the relevant professional. Thus, it prides itself on being able to work to the needs of each of its clients – legal or otherwise – in order to put the person, their feelings, and their comfort above all other things, striving to make legal work as stress-free as possible for a client. It recognises that much of the time, the client in question will be amid a tricky legal situation, and the last thing it wishes to do as a legal firm is add to the tumult they might already be going through. Its honesty, integrity, and transparency have set it apart from the rest of its industry in an expert manner, securing it a place as a cornerstone of industry and a stalwart of good operations, bucking the trend of boilerplate legal operations in favour for something more personalised and specialist. This allows it to build a rapport with its clients over time that ensures Blackfriars Law can show the truth behind these lofty claims; after all, it is this way of working that has clients coming back to it for all their legal needs and advice. Due to the principles of transparency that have formed the foundations it has been built upon, it has developed processes through which to look for these in other people, both in its stakeholders and its prospective new employees. Crucially, when interviewing someone for a role within the firm, it will not just look at their professional acumen, portfolio of experience, and education – although each of these things are important – as it gives equal weighting to their attitude, Due to the exemplary nature of the experts in its ranks, its clients benefit from a holistic approach to property law, and its peers have seen it become a cornerstone of its market segment as a result.