Legal Awards 2022

Legal Awards 2022 | 9 Property Law Firm of the Year - West Midlands friendliness, and client-facing skills. As a result, it has been able to develop a law firm made up of people who hold similar values to it of passion for law, people, and property. This has helped it over the course of the past 18 months as it has been able to present a united front amongst its staff in direct response to the pandemic, putting its contingency plans to the test as it continued to help its clients throughout such a difficult period. To achieve this, it has streamlined its processes even further, developing an innovative way in which clients can receive expert legal care without the usual irritating roadblocks such as unreturned calls or emails, difficulty receiving quotes, print and sign documentation, or repeating personal and sensitive information repeatedly. At Blackfriars Law, a client will be thoroughly looked after, verifying all information through an app that allows them to take back control over their own legal services, ensuring that all niggling bureaucratic details are taken care of with the greatest ease and in the client’s own time, without requiring them to physically travel to do so. Reducing turnaround, increasing efficiency, and increasing client satisfaction, its app and user-friendly website allow clients to obtain a quote quickly and reliably, and it looks forward to the bright future that it surely on the cards as it continues to operate in this manner. In this way, it hopes to continue to help many clients towards satisfying legal closure in the future, as it has been doing since its inception. Company: Blackfriars Law Contact: Anwar Zeb Khattak Website: