UK Legal Awards 2023

UK Legal Awards 2023 | 11 The firm also believes in giving back and therefore pledges to donate 1% of its profits to the Quaranta Foundation, a non-profit charitable organisation which focuses on supporting children and protecting the environment. Why should you invest? Well, quite simply, Quegal is committed to putting an end to expensive advertising, offices and partner salaries, useless overseas support centres, hidden extra charges, elaborate terms and conditions and marketing spam. Nor will it ever sell any of your personal information to a third party. Furthermore, you’ll never have to overpay for (or under receive from) unnecessary annual policies and fixed fee packages ever again. Instead it will offer free support and a fast response from its trained teams; services that are a fraction of the cost of telephone helplines, legal insurance schemes, bogus free/virtual firms or any foreign app or thirdparty referral outfit; quality control across the board, with full indemnity cover; accessibility options built into its website and apps; ease of use and a full money-back guarantee; it will put you firmly in control. Makes for compelling reading, doesn’t it? It may also be handy to know that Quegal has recently gained recognition in the UK Legal Awards, being named Online Legal Services Provider of the Year 2023 for its innovative approach, dedication, and commitment to providing a more cost-effective way forward. It seems the future is bright… the future is Quegal! Contact Details Contact: Company: Quegal Ltd Web Address: