UK Legal Awards 2023

12 | UK Legal Awards 2023 Feb23515 Best Criminal Law Firm 2023 - Greater Manchester & Best Serious Crime Specialist 2023 (Manchester): Naila Akhter Platts Solicitors Ltd was established in 2017 by Naila Akhter. It is a specialist law firm based in Manchester, UK covering the whole of the country as well as overseas, specialising in criminal, prison, proceed of crime, appeals, cross border investigations, organised crime, immigration, regulatory, and family law. Naila is a proactive criminal defence solicitor-advocate who is extremely ambitious and fearless. She is known as a straight talking, no nonsense lawyer who works hard to win all her cases. She qualified as a solicitor at Platt Halpern and was made a partner within five years of qualification. Naila is a strong believer in justice, human rights, and fairness. She has a huge history in criminal law spanning over 20 years, during which time she has represented some of the most highprofile and difficult criminal cases in the country. Naila is proud to have been recognised for her hard work and dedication as Best Serious Crime Specialist in Manchester. Platts Solicitors has an excellent reputation for quality of service, priding itself on being able to provide outstanding advice and the highest legal representation from the start of the case to the very end. The focus is to ensure that its clients’ rights are protected. The firm is able to offer complete flexibility, knowing that if legal issues arise unexpectedly, urgent assistance is essential. Readily available to clients and operating a highly accommodating appointment system, the firm’s 24-hour service is available on 07977 402020 when emergency criminal, family, and immigration matters arise. Also the firm’s police station team can offer immediate assistance to those under arrest, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. They recognise that the police station stage of an investigation is often the most crucial and that the advice given there could have an enormous impact on the course of the case. They believe all suspects have one thing in common: innocent until proven guilty, and this experienced team of solicitors and fully accredited representatives will do everything within the rules to ensure that the client’s best interests are served to avoid criminal charges altogether. Platts Solicitors comprises a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who are specialists in their fields, are pragmatic, and have a broader outlook than most lawyers to the problems faced by clients. It has a highly experienced team that has been fighting for justice for their clients for over 30 years, by providing comprehensive legal advice to protect their interest, which is paramount to them. The firm’s award-winning criminal department has one of the best reputations in the northwest, and clients come to them from all over the country and overseas. When an individual’s reputation is at stake or a prison sentence is a possibility, representation from specialist solicitors is crucial. The solicitors are passionate about their work and are experts at defending individuals and companies accused of complex criminal offences, from homicide, multimillion pound fraud, and terrorism, to a full array of criminal offences of a less serious nature. They cover every aspect of the criminal justice system, from police station work right up to the supreme court. They realise that every case is vitally important and anyone facing criminal allegations may feel anxious and overwhelmed, and with over 30 years’ experience, the aim is to achieve the best possible result every time. The firm’s crown court department deals with some of the most serious and high-profile criminal cases in the country and has an enviable reputation for its robust defence of clients’ rights in what can be a highly stressful arena whilst maintaining a sensitive and caring relationship with them. Over the last three decades, they have amassed a wealth of experience in finding holes in prosecution cases. The entire team recognise the importance of treating their clients with the utmost respect and empathy. They have successfully defended individuals accused of serious and organised crime, murder, terrorism, multimillion pound fraud, sexual offences, possession of firearms with intent to supply, conspiracy to supply class A and B drugs, human trafficking, assault, robbery, computer crime, perverting the cause of justice, burglary, and public order act offences (violent disorder and affray). Overall, Platts Solicitors is continuing on its journey of success and triumph after winning Best Criminal Law Firm 2023 – Greater Manchester and Naila being individually being recognised as Best Serious Crime Specialist 2023 – Manchester. It continues to be a globally recognised and accomplished law firm that maintains its hard work to provide a high standard of service to all clients. Contact Details Company: Platts Solicitors Ltd Contact: Naila Akhter Email: / Website: Platts Solicitors Ltd