UK Legal Awards 2023

21 | UK Legal Awards 2023 Feb23385 Specialist Family Law Firm of the Year 2023 - Scotland Kee Solicitors is a specialist family law firm based in Scotland. It supports clients with child law, divorce, protection orders, separation, and personal injury. We learn more about the company as it is recognised in the UK Legal Awards 2023. Practicing family law means that the lawyers at Kee Solicitors are met by individuals who are more likely than not struggling with something in their personal life. Whether it is a divorce, custody issues, safety issues, or more, all situations are individually difficult to each client. This is why it is important to have a professional on your side – a professional that can provide the necessary support to guide you through a delicate and tough time. Kee Solicitors is aware that if people are reaching out for its advice it is likely that they are under a lot of stress. The team of legal practitioners at Kee Solicitors have a great deal of experience which enables them to provide clients with advice and guidance that prioritises their wellbeing, rights, and assets. Each client is different even when facing similar struggles, so they are met with an approach that deals with their individual circumstances. This ensures that they are provided with a favourable outcome with which they are satisfied. Kee Solicitors delivers honest, accurate, and upfront legal advice to all clients. Lawyers can be expensive, so Kee Solicitors cuts down on unnecessary expenses to lower client’s costs. It does this by taking advantage of leading software for administrative tasks, operating paperless, reducing the amount of office space, and more. Kee Solicitors has been able to lower cost without affecting quality, which is just one of the reasons why it has been bestowed with the title of Specialist Family Law Firm of the Year 2023 – Scotland. Clients have taken the time to share their thoughts on Kee Solicitors’ services. One describes the experience as ‘phenomenal’ and then elaborates, “Before getting in touch with Kee Solicitors I felt lost in solving legal separation documentations and the route to take. Ainsley and Dawn have been outstanding in guiding me through the process. A couple of phone calls and things moved immediately. They understood my needs and concerns and catered to them. Ainsley and Dawn kept me up to date and been happy to answer my many questions and overall have exceeded my expectations. It’s been a fantastic experience using Kee Solicitors and would highly recommend. A massive thank you to the team.” Kee Solicitors has free enquiry services available – if you are interested about its services, head over to its website to get in touch. Contact Details Contact: Jonathan Kee Company: Kee Solicitors Web Address: