UK Legal Awards 2023

23 | UK Legal Awards 2023 Feb23379 Family Law Paralegals of the Year 2023 – South East England Specialising in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Totally ADR Ltd has dedicated itself to providing affordable support for any client needing expertise in Family Law, Mediation and Small Claims. Its highly trained team of individuals wholeheartedly devote themselves to their clients, and will stop at nothing to reach a resolution that’s beneficial to the party they’re advocating for. With such an avid dedication towards providing a positive outcome throughout each case, it comes as no surprise to learn that Totally ADR Ltd has become a raging success since its inception in 2021. Its award-winning status has been renewed year after year, which acts as a testament to the inspiring host of individuals that operate within the company. At its heart, Totally ADR Ltd concerns itself with resolving family law disputes in a timely, affordable, and effective manner, all to guarantee client satisfaction. Each client, regardless of their request, is treated with the utmost respect and dignity, and Totally ADR Ltd acts as an advocate for client recognition. It understands the complexity behind each case, and offers affordable family law consultants to assist with court disputes across London, Kent, and Canterbury. It’s thanks to this adept prowess in the field that it’s had the opportunity to handle more than 500 disputes within the County and Family Courts, each managed by consultants who truly have their clients’ best interests in mind. Totally ADR Ltd expresses how proud it is to be different to other ADR services, both in terms of affordability and dependability. Clients can rely on the team to help them resolve their problems, be it child arrangement orders, divorce financial remedies, occupation orders, and much more. The experts supplied by Totally ADR Ltd will be there every step of the way, guaranteeing a security within its services that’s simply unparalleled in the field. What sets Totally ADR Ltd apart from the competition, however, is its flexible approach to resolutions. The team of experts assists clients in reaching their goals by deploying a fresh approach to family law matters, and will provide advice and guidance to negotiate better outcomes. This, combined with its overwhelming loyalty to its clients, encourages a business practise that’s thoughtful, trustworthy, and concerned with your best interests. It recognises the complications that can arise within families, and looks to help with a resolution as quickly as possible. In addition, Totally ADR Ltd makes the entire process incredibly straightforward for any type of client. Through offering a free 15-minute consultation service via its website, it’s able to match you with a consultant, whilst giving you an understanding of how it operates. This way, clients won’t feel pressured into accepting its services, but can still discuss their needs with Totally ADR Ltd’s team of friendly, helpful advisors. Clients are the beating heart of Totally ADR Ltd’s practises. No matter how difficult a dispute may be, it will do its all to help clients reach a resolution as seamlessly as possible. One previous client stated that “Craig, Julie and the team have been amazing. With helping me write statements, giving general advice and supporting me in court, they have been brilliant at every stage. I truly believe I would not have achieved the result I did without them. I wasted years and a lot of money on a solicitor and barrister. I wish I had found them earlier. I cannot recommend them highly enough”, which cements the beneficial impact that the brilliant team is having on each person they help. Totally ADR Ltd is a cut above the rest, and its this forward-thinking mindset that has allowed it to flourish at an astonishing rate. We are very proud to present it with its newest award title, and look forward to seeing its prolonged success for years to come. Contact: Craig Johnson Company: Totally ADR Ltd Web Address: