UK Legal Awards 2023

27 | UK Legal Awards 2023 Feb23529 Best Solution-Orientated Public Law Firm 2023 – Greater London With a Collective experience of over three decades, SAJ Legal Solicitors understands the unique needs and concerns of every individual client. We find out more as the firm celebrates a win in the UK Legal Awards 2023. S.A.J Legal Solicitors (S.A.J Legal) strives for excellence and is focused on being solution-oriented rather than myopic, strategic rather than academic, and swift rather than passive, believing in adopting a proactive and tactful approach in handling its client’s matters judiciously. Operating in a range of legal sectors, such as Corporate Immigration, Private Immigration, Family Law, Civil Litigation, Public Law and Employment Law. As well as dealing with the day-to-day responsibilities of running a city-based law firm, Muhammad Zahab Jamali, the Managing Partner of the firm, specialises in judicial review and appeals in High Court and Court of Appeal. Zahab also deals with general litigation. This involves dealing with clients that have been unlawfully detained by the Home Office and damages are sought on their behalf. S.A.J Legal has a high success rate in achieving consent orders for our clients and damages for unlawful detention matters. Kolade Jegede, a Partner of the firm and the Principal Solicitor, specifically operates with appeals covering and representing at the firsttier and upper tribunals all areas of immigration and dealing with clients that at first instance were refused by the Home Office. The firm enjoys a high success rate in winning appeals ranging from asylum, EU settlement scheme, leave to remain, indefinite leave to remain and other contentious areas. It is the combined effort from the legal team at S.A.J Legal that has resulted in representation at the Upper Tribunal to put forward the legal argument to expand the legal threshold for durable partners in the UK for EU settlement matters and also challenges with the current guidances for primary carers of British children. Thus, S.A.J Legal is a leader in pushing for change in law in the immigration sector. It is the components of having a collective experience of well over three decades that enhances the expertise offered to the ranges of clients and the ranges of problems they encounter. SAJ Legal’s approach to strategy is a key element to why we receive substantial client reviews and testimonies on a regular basis. The firm always offers solutions, if swift action is required to achieve a remedy, this is acted upon without any delay. S.A.J Legal does not seek for an academic assessment of legal matters but a practical solution which usually ranges depending on the clients need. “We have always deemed when fighting for clients’ rights that it is done with a substantial level of planning but also a level of appreciating the complexities that each cases face,” Kolade elaborates. “With an excellent research team, we are able to tackle each complexity with ease. On occasions where a more long-term solution is required, the clientele will be informed of the solution orientated path to success invigilating the obstacles in advance of this objective. Thus, the level of preparation ensures we are never caught by surprise, and we are always on top of the case.” Client services are pivotal to SAJ Legal, and the firm deems a caseworker’s role to be more than merely preparing or completing an application form. The company fully trains its staff to appreciate the importance of providing an excellent service to clients. This extends to dayto-day updates and clarity whenever a client is in doubt on a legal strategy being deployed. This is how SAJ Legal engages with clients with the understanding that at all times the client is aware of the present step and the next step on the case. The internal culture at SAJ Legal is a reflection of the main objective of the firm’s ethos which is to fight for justice. The team has a genuine interest in assisting those with immigration difficulties and civil litigation matters. Recently the members of staff have been offering free public advice clinics and free advice to places of worship to expand the public’s understanding on a range of areas of law. “We encourage growth,” further explains Kolade. “Caseworkers at every level are expected to undertake day-to-day management of their cases and acquire a range of responsibilities. Staff are also given the training to build their own portfolios and encouraged to generate their own clientele instead of solely be delegated with work. This is pivotal to the culture at SAJ Legal because we want all staff at the firm to appreciate the components of a full rounded lawyer from an early stage.” The firm recently gained recognition in the UK Legal Awards 2023 and was named Best Solution-Orientated Public Law Firm 2023 – Greater London. Looking to the future, employment law is an new area that the firm is expanding on – and Kolade is keen to continue distinguishing S.A.J Legal from competitors by offering the best possible solutions coupled with thorough understanding and expertise. “We believe that expertise, enhanced research and prompt strategy are the ingredients that permit our firm to offer the best service on the market because it is these components that will determine the end outcome and provide satisfactory results”. 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