UK Legal Awards 2023

8 | UK Legal Awards 2023 Feb23494 Best Mental Health Legal Services Provider 2023 - South East England 15 years ago, Director Zofia Ludwig founded Expert in Mind in her spare room at home. She strongly believed in the importance of mental health and strived to provide individuals with the right diagnoses to allow them to seek appropriate treatment. Now, Expert in Mind is a thriving business with 17 employees, slowly but steadily growing while maintaining the personal touch and ‘family feel’ of the office. A medico-legal report refers to the written evidence provided by a medical expert witness for use in legal proceedings. Expert in Mind connects legal representatives with highly experienced mental health professionals, referred to as Experts, many of whom have been completing medico-legal reports for 20 to 30 years. Through this, legal representatives can arrange the necessary psychological assessments for their clients. All of Expert in Mind’s Experts are highly specialised, dedicated, and respected in their fields. For this reason, the company is confident in their ability to provide high quality, comprehensive reports, and can recommend them to clients without hesitation. The company works hard to build strong relationships with its Experts by getting to know their expertise, how they work, and who they are as people. Expert in Mind is therefore well-equipped to recommend the appropriate Experts to its legal representative clients. It is also capable of accurately advising on their general timescales, expertise, and fees. When urgent cases come up, its Experts are often happy to help by arranging an appointment as soon as possible. Expert in Mind is also equipped with a highly knowledgeable administration team, who respond efficiently to all enquiries and utilise their broad scope of knowledge to match Experts with cases that suit their expertise and experience. They provide the enquiring legal representatives with the CVs of the most suitable Experts for their case, along with estimates of fees and timescales. Often, these cases are time sensitive. For this reason, Expert in Mind is dedicated to providing the most efficient services possible, delivering the quickest enquiry response times in the industry. Typically, the administrative team will respond within an hour. By dealing with cases quickly, Expert in Mind saves time in the busy diaries of both its medical Experts and its legal representative clients. To facilitate a seamless, efficient, and stress-free process for all parties, every Expert is assigned a personal case manager at Expert in Mind, who assists with the management of their diary and medico-legal caseload. Case managers are well-acquainted with their Experts and know their caseload inside out, so they are capable of dealing with all the associated administration. Case managers can answer any questions that arise in the lead up to the appointment, saving time for all parties. This way, clients are guaranteed to deal with one person for the complete duration of their case, avoiding confusion. In addition, it enables Experts to focus solely on delivering reports, as all administrative tasks are taken care of. Expert in Mind is extremely proud of the high standards it works to, delivering both efficient and personal services. It puts the utmost effort into matching clients with the best Expert for their case. This is what makes the company so unique and sets it apart from its competitors. The firm is able to deliver such incredible services thanks to its hardworking and dedicated team, who are extremely passionate about building relationships and providing the best services to every client. They all work with four key values in mind: professionalism, commitment, positivity, and respect. Expert in Mind hires new staff based on these values, ensuring that everyone has a clear picture of the expected behaviour and attitudes to be displayed in the office. For the 15th anniversary of the business, Expert in Mind hosted an evening with its Experts and VIP clients. As a result of this event, the Striving to provide extremely efficient services, Expert in Mind Ltd. is an award-winning company with a panel of reputable expert psychologists and psychiatrists who are highly experienced in their fields. The firm matches legal representatives with the most appropriate Expert, who can assess their client to provide a medico-legal report for proceedings such as clinical negligence, personal injury, immigration law, family proceedings, and criminal law.