UK Legal Awards 2023

UK Legal Awards 2023 | 9 company received great feedback, with many commenting on the passion of its team and the great internal culture it has established. Afterwards, some of its Experts also said they would like the company to manage more of their work. At Expert in Mind, internal culture is a priority. Since she founded the company, Zofia Ludwig has been dedicated to ensuring all staff are appreciated and feel important in the workplace. She is proud to have established a positive and dynamic office culture by creating an atmosphere of joy, respect, and appreciation. This is truly fundamental, especially since people spend most of their lives at work. Furthermore, when people feel appreciated, they are more likely to put hard work, passion, loyalty, and commitment back into the company. As well as this, the offices at Expert in Mind are colourful and bright, with two office dogs who boost employees’ spirits. The company arranges many fun events for staff, including weekly wellness activities, parties, bake offs, and exercise sessions with a personal trainer. Some staff also completed couch to 10k together and now regularly enter races. By organising these fun activities, Expert in Mind has fostered a very close internal team. “It’s amazing to be surrounded by such loyalty. We work hard to ensure positivity in the office, appreciating that everyone is an individual with different needs, getting the job done and maintaining high standards across the board,” Zofia Ludwig comments. “Nobody is just a number to us. Nothing is automated. The passion, positivity and commitment of the team translates into everything we do, making us a joy to work with!” As a result of its incredibly efficient and personal services and its ability to meet clients’ needs, Expert in Mind Ltd. has been awarded Best Mental Health Legal Services Provider, South East England, in the UK Legal Awards 2023. Moving on from this success, the company is looking forward to some exciting developments in the coming year. Expert in Mind is currently working on a virtual ADHD assessment clinic, which is expected to be launched soon. There is a huge backlog of people who desperately need to be assessed for ADHD. Specialist Experts believe that, by opening a virtual clinic, the company can help more people get assessed. This may also help reduce NHS waiting lists for such assessments, which are currently extremely long. Contact: Zofia Ludwig Company: Expert in Mind Ltd. Web Address: