Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022

12 | Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022 Mar22541 Best Eco-Friendly Packaging Supply Director (West Midlands): Mark Farr Purple Planet Packaging, an eco-friendly packaging company with a dedication to gathering the best in biodegradable packaging under one roof, has made a name for itself with its continual commitment to client and environment. Hoping to help the disposable food packaging industry buck the need for petroleum-based containers completely, this company offers totally ecologically friendly, customisable, and bulk order cartons, gathering the best products on the market in order to make itself a lifelong friend to its clients’ companies. Turned into the company it is today by husband-and-wife team Mark and Joanna Farr, Purple Planet Packaging was acquired by the duo in 2019, with the goal of using it to change their own lives and the lives of others. Fundamentally, the acquisition of the business allowed them to make critical lifestyle changes that allowed them better work/life balance when raising their growing young family, and so the company itself has come to reflect a familial ethos, with the couple infusing each business decision with care and trust. Once based in Devon, the business now operates out of Coventry in the West Midlands, but is still one of the UK’s leading environmentally friendly packaging supply specialists. Nominally, its status as a fully independent company has only helped it when it comes to securing this reputation, as it works hard to offer over 400 certified compostable products under one roof, allowing clients to use it as a onestop-shop when it comes to ecologically friendly packaging. Serving worldwide companies and businesses, it works freely with the international community’s leading specialist eco-friendly packaging manufacturers in the UK and further afield, able to gather the best of the best into its stock rooms as a result. It can recommend the most appropriate products without bias because of this. Therefore, a client can always trust that its recommendations are being made with their best interests in mind, uninteresting in upselling a client on something that could be achieved by something cheaper. It is also dedicated to the source and supply of products not necessarily contained within its stock house at present. No matter what a client requires, no matter how strict the specifications and needs, it will always go above and beyond to source, secure, and supply this to them at the lowest costs possible, passing all savings back to the client. Confident in the quality of its products and encouraging clients to consider the added benefit behind eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging, it is pleased to see that leading from the front alongside other members of its peer group has further bolstered its sector. Critically, ecologically responsible packaging and consumer activities is becoming more and more important to the end customer – as it should be – and it strives to continue working hard in serving this changing paradigm, allowing access to plant-based products made from annually renewable plant crops with corn, sugarcane, and potatoes. The waste materials from these crops such as the natural starch produced from corn, the fibres from sugarcane, and other biomass, can all be