Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022

Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022 | 13 Best Eco-Friendly Packaging Supply Director (West Midlands): Mark Farr used for packaging, and are great alternatives to conventional, petroleum-based plastics. 100% compostable, it has been recognised by authorities such as OK Compost by Vincotte and The Biodegradable Product Institute, ensuring it continues to develop a reputation for excellence that its clients can rely on due to its accrued favour with third party boards. This oversight ensures that no client must simply take its word for it, and that it can direct them to its vast accreditations and recognitions list should they wish to see the ‘proof in the pudding’. Its packaging can be disposed of alongside general food waste, ensuring that after use, it decomposes back into general use natural compost after 12 weeks at an approved facility. Stocking the best range of compostable catering disposables in the UK, it also makes itself a front runner in the aesthetic production of these cartons. Able to custom-print them together with a comprehensive, custom-printing bespoke packaging design service, it makes its products fit a wide range of briefs, companies, and events, in order to ensure a client can deliver food in a way that suits them. Additionally, Purple Planet Packaging benefits from being able to order all its eco-friendly packaging solutions from one place, with no need to contact numerous suppliers and factories, meaning a customer only ever receives one invoice. With the buying power that Purple Planet Packaging wields, it can broker incredible deals with its suppliers that allow for a more sustainable wholesale that is better for both the environment and the client’s wallet, both things that its customers have come to appreciate. Thus, its market segment has lauded its efforts as second-to-none ever since its founding, and due to this, it works in the best way, with the best people, for the best people. Dedicated to these tenants of quality, eco-credentials, practicality, aesthetics, and function, it implements a strict process of quality control and elimination that every product must go through, selecting the finest products in order to form its ‘eco-chic’ range. All its manufacturers, as a result, take great pride in their products for passing these tests. With each stage being standardised and carried out with a great deal of scrutiny, each of its manufactures stand behind their products with a full manufacturer warranty, meaning that there will never be able ‘quibble’ when it comes to replacements or refunds, in the unlikely event that such a thing should be needed. However, in all the years it has been in operation, this has proved a rare circumstance, with the more common outcome being one of total satisfaction for a customer. Mark, the CEO and co-founder of Purple Planet Packaging, is proud that this has become the legacy of the business, and uses the excellence that it has developed to pay it forward to the community. An avid fan of Only Fools and Horses and dedicated family man, he hopes that one day, Purple Planet Packaging can be the main shirt sponsor of his local football club, as well as the key leader in environmentally responsible packaging solutions. Company: Purple Planet Packaging Contact: Mark Farr Website: