Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022

14 | Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022 Good web design can transform a business, but the best designs are those form part of a wider strategy. When it comes to developing these broader designs for success, there are few firms better than 3rd Pixel. The company’s MD, Shaun Moat, has achieved remarkable success which has been justly recognised in SME News’ Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022. We caught up with him to find out more. Formed in 2015, 3rd Pixel has quickly built a strong reputation for the team’s formidable ability in the field of website design, hosting and maintenance. In 2021, 3rd Pixel was bought by Shaun Moat who had achieved success with his own firm, Moray Digital. The small size of the firm, based on the shores of the Moray Firth, means that their fees are considerably less than their city-based counterparts. With so many companies offering web design, especially with the increased demand brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, it takes something special to stand out from the crowd. “We offer our clients an integrated approach,” explains Shaun. “It’s a full digital strategy – not just a website. The whole spectrum of digital agency services underpinned by an enthusiastic understanding of our clients’ business, audience, and objectives.” This comprehensive approach has allowed many to benefit from the team’s many years of experience in this specialist field, but it’s worth considering how Shaun rose to the top of this successful business. Shaun’s professional background is one which some might not see as traditional for an upstart start-up. “Before starting in business, I served in the Royal Air Force for eight years,” he tells us. During this time, he served at RAF Kinloss and Brize Norton in the UK as well as being deployed overseas in Kuwait and the Iraq War. To some, this miliary background might not be a good basis from which to run a business, but Shaun was happy to explain how it transformed him into a leader. “Having this military background and the ability to think on my feet set me for my position to run two successful businesses,” he smiles. The results, truly, speak for themselves. Shaun’s success as a leader comes, in no small part, from the trust he holds in his employees. He has a very open management style which empowers his team. “My team and I meet daily Most Innovative Web Design MD (Scotland): Shaun Moat online as we all work from home,” he informs us. “They know everything that is happening in the business such as new clients. Letting them understand everything that is happening gives them a sense of ownership and helps with the direction we are moving.” This inclusive approach has generated a strong sense of camaraderie within 3rd Pixel, and it is this camaraderie which has allowed them to thrive even through the most challenging of times. The small size of the firm, based as they are on the shores of the Moray Firth, means that their fees are considerably less than their city-based counterparts. The COVID-19 pandemic saw major demand for the team’s services as everyone was forced online. “This has given us over 30% growth on the previous year,” Shaun explains. “As we come out of covid-19 restrictions, I believe that businesses now have a strong understanding Mar22640 of the need for online services, and that for a business to survive they can no longer rely on a brick-and-mortar solution.” This shift towards digital ways of working is reflected by the way in which businesses work across the UK now. It also puts the team in a great position, with Shaun’s capable leadership allowing them to continue to grow during these unprecedented days. The best leaders are those who lead with conviction, allowing people ownership as far as possible to secure success. Shaun Moat proves this ably, with his business thriving now, and setting itself up to flourish in the future. Company: 3rd Pixel Ltd Name: Shaun Moat Email: Web Address: