Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022

16 | Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022 coming loose on the pitch, one that children of all genders and sporting proficiencies can be proud to wear. Therefore, its products – both the Laceeze branded lace solution and its Defiance clothing line – are growing in notoriety day by day. Critically, it is now enjoying a significant growth spurt thanks to its direct-to-consumer e-commerce business model, allowing parents to get hold of new kit for their kids even in the height of the pandemic. It is also making itself a stalwart of its industry by way of its social corporate responsibility; for every sale made, it donates 25p of it to grassroots causes such as to help young people afford to be able to play their sport or in sponsorship of local clubs. Designed with its market in mind, everything it does has a deeply ingrained friendliness and bold personality. After all, at its core, Laceeze is a brand designed by parents for parents and their kids, a solution to a common problem that this market faces and one that it has been happy to provide. Despite the challenge of facing a competitor product springing up, it has maintained the love of its market segment and kept its status of pre-eminence amongst its customers due to the empathic, charismatic nature of the company and the excellence of the products, generating additional exposure through its growing online footprint. From its co-founders to its employees and subcontractors, its staff are passionate about sport, happy to help, and here to listen, taking on The innovators behind a bold new product in athletic apparel, Laceeze has secured its position as a friendly, modern, and practical start-up with big ideas. Having created a piece of footwear that anchors laces in place and adds an additional bit of flair to any sports kit, it is proud to say that its products have become a staple for sports teams both in the UK and USA. Saving parents the trouble of helping kids re-tie muddy laces and saving children the frustration of having to bring a game to a halt to deal with that situation, Laceeze has made itself a stylish solution to a common problem. Laceeze bands is a company founded off the basis of making apparel and solutions for sportsmad kids. An idea conceived on the side of a muddy football pitch by Paula and Emma, two parents who support their kids in their sporting endeavours without fail, Laceeze was born as the solution to having to stop matches countless times in order to retie shoelaces that have come undone in the heat of the moment. The two saw that one child had attended training with an elastic band around the sports show to stop the laces from coming undone, and it worked great. Thus, the two began to think of ideas of how to apply this concept to something stylish, fun, and practical that could become an aesthetically appealing part of sports kit for young athletes. After many conversations between Emma and Paula, and eight months of ideation, preparation, and deliberation, Laceeze was ready for launch in May of 2018. Since the launch of the company, Emma has been managing the day-to-day growth of the business as well as the development of new product ranges, taking her role within the company incredibly seriously so that she can continue to serve the market of parents with kids who love sports in line with changing trends. With a finger on the pulse of her industry, and an in-depth understanding of the market due to numbering amongst them herself, Laceeze’s lace-cover solution provides a sleek, cool, and practical solution to laces Sports Retail MD of the Year (South West England): Emma Burke Mar22438 TM board feedback in order to allow itself to keep improving. Thus, in the future, it is excited to keep expanding into international sales, with some top-secret plans for the Defiance line that it is excited to share with its customer base, saying – in short – ‘watch this space’. Company: Laceeze Contact: Emma Burke Website: