Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022

17 | Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022 Established with a vision to change the perception of recruitment agencies, OX Seven Talent Partners, led by Will Grashoff, has been recognised as the Best Staffing and Recruitment Business MD within the East Midlands. Operating in an industry with low or virtually no barriers to entry, OX Seven has managed to innovate, dedicate, and reinvent the industry, all explained in detail from the professional expertise of Will. Unique in its stance, Ox Seven Talent Partner Ltd was founded with the aim to reinvent and rejuvenate the idea of recruitment agencies. By all regards, it has successfully done so with the support of Will Grashoff, Founder and Managing Director of the organisation. However, this can be seen as a challenging position due to the fact that entering this industry has limited barriers, and as a result, standards can dip in the pursuit of profit. Expanding on this, Will states, “Candidates can be treated like walking ‘money signs’ and clients can treat the relationship in a transactional way, rather than a partnership.” As a recruitment agency, the company has felt a significant push to be accepted in the corporate world. However, in reality, OX Seven Talent Partners deals with human beings who want to speak to experts with a personality, not robots. Hence, the launch of a reinvented state of agencies. “I encourage all of my consultants to have an opinion, be themselves, and not care if someone does not like them. But, of course, you cannot be everyone’s cup of tea; otherwise, you’d be a mug,” boasts Will. For OX Seven Talent Partners, its success is directly correlated to the vibrant accumulation of experience that can be accounted for by Founder Will Grashoff, who has subsequently spent a lot of time in varied careers such as school cleaner, a Burger King employee, phone salesman, debt collection, asset manager and operations manager. However, at a mere 29, he happily stumbled into what is now his lifelong passion and career at OX Seven Talent Partners. Will explains in more detail his career journey, stating, “After I left debt collection, I was given a career-defining opportunity, to work with an entrepreneur running three of his business. He obviously saw something in me that I had not realised before, and we went on to create a successful software house that sold into the aesthetic and pharmaceutical industry. I would say here I learned an incomprehensible number of skills around running a business, dealing with people who want to give you money and take your money, and managing people.” For Will and his company, without it sounding cliché, OX Seven Talent Partners is in the business of people, with success crucially hingeing on an ability to understand people. “We believe recruitment is 80% marketing and 20% selling, so we take a very marketing-led approach to positioning our roles in a very ‘noisy’ marketplace. It means doing deep dives with companies, understanding why a candidate would want to work with them, and then creating advertising collateral that ‘talks’ to our target audience,” explains Will. Additionally, OX Seven Talent Partners utilises a lot of video content and a diverse selection of multimedia to communicate opportunities. Will adds, “We want to humanise our consultants as much as possible and create a connection between the prospective candidate and the consultant.” Added to its overall transparency and relaxed, communicative environment, OX Seven Talent Partners is quite particular with which clients it chooses to work with and has therefore set a high bar for those who wish to collaborate with them. For OX Seven Talent Partners, the founding goal is to work with companies making positive contributions to society and taking diversity and inclusion seriously – respecting the profession and the offerings as a recruitment agency. OX Seven Talent Partners has conducted a sensible growth plan for the next few years. Will closes the article with his final thoughts, stating, “I’m very conscious that explosive growth doesn’t always allow the foundations of a solid business to be created. I’m essentially unemployable now, so I’m extremely driven to Mar22440 Best Staffing & Recruitment Business MD (East Midlands): Will Grashoff make this work and grow it into a business that my children can and would want to work in when they grow up!” From the Burger King floor to becoming the Best Staffing and Recruitment Business in the East Midlands, Will Grashoff proves success in more ways than one – that a dream career path can come at any age, so long as you work hard and believe in yourself. Company Name: OX Seven Talent Partners Contact Name: Will Grashoff Web Address: Contact Email: