Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022

19 | Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022 Founded in 2011 by Darren Crannis, Crannis Technology Services Ltd boasts a team of dedicated and passionate professionals that endeavour to consistently deliver high quality electrical installations and inspection and testing services to the commercial, and industrial sectors. Indeed, as the business developed, the business has grown exponentially. This included the addition of Darren’s partner, Ceri, to the team in 2015- who knew that 7 years later she would be owner of that company. As an ECA Registered Member, an approved NICEIC electrical contractor, and further approved by ECS and CSCS, Crannis Technology Services Ltd is equipped to provide a full-service to its clients. The company offers a range of specialist services, including electric vehicle charger installs, electrical inspections, and general maintenance. Consequently, Crannis Technology Services Ltd has cultivated a diverse portfolio, working with schools, warehouses, telecommunications businesses, and many more. After completing a degree in Industrial Design and Technology with Education at Loughborough University, Ceri opted to continue her education, into a PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) course. She utilised these qualifications for over 10 years, working as a Design and Technology teacher in secondary schools. For eight of these years, Ceri thrived in a middle management role, managing small teams of staff, analysing data, managing performance, ordering, and budgeting materials. Of course, this would all serve to be a great benefit when she would subsequently working in the family business. In December 2017, the pair faced the tragic loss of their second child, Poppy; Ceri comments, ‘It devastated our family. Whilst we coped and dealt with our grief, CTS continued to provide that high standard of service our clients expected. Henceforth, the business prioritises family and maintaining a healthy work-life balance, as it understands first-hand the impact Electrical Contracting MD of the Year 2022 (South-West) & Mental Health Advocate of the Year: Ceri Crannis that overworking has – not just on an individual, but on the family unit as a whole. For which I think was why we were Highly Commended as Contractor of the Year- Up to £1 million Turnover in 2018 for the ECA Industry Awards. Two years later, in 2019, Ceri and Darren discovered that they were expecting their rainbow baby, Jude. From the beginning, the couple knew that the pregnancy wouldn’t be easy, but when Ceri was involved in a major car accident this only became clearer. The accident left Ceri with catastrophic mental health issues, which were later diagnosed with PTSD, severe generalised anxiety disorder and severe depression. ‘In short, after the birth of Jude I was not the same person who I had been before the accident. I feared everything. Each day was a challenge. In March 2021 I had to seek help for a complete mental breakdown, luckily through the support of the Electrical Industry Charity (EIC), I received expert support for my recovery,’ Ceri adds. Opting to take a positive view has been a challenge, however, through extensive therapy, Ceri has developed a deep understanding as to how mental health alters every part of someone’s world, from their own self-esteem, their family life, their ability to function and the continual comparison to who you were before. This has then benefitted her recovery and, as a result, Ceri is a proud advocate for mental health awareness. ‘Coming from a place that was so dark […] to here, working in an industry and role I love, and wanting to support those with mental health struggles is testimony that it is possible to get back to being you,’ she states, ‘It’s a slow road of recovery, but with the correct support network around you, correct treatment, a therapy plan and a deep desire to reclaim your life, it is possible.’ “I’m still very much on that journey but the outlook is hopeful, mostly positive and is full of possibilities” Since Ceri undertook her new role as Managing Director, she has implemented Employee of the Week to boost staff morale, whereby the winner is gifted a free Costa coffee; and asks the team regularly for feedback to assist with making the company perform better. There are Mental Health and Wellbeing days scheduled over the year for the team to focus on their own mental health. She has plans for staff events when the weather improves for Team BBQs and events so the team can take a break from their hectic normal routine to get together and laugh with each other. She has implemented new Field Operations software which will support the drive to the #NetZero agenda and has put her stamp on the company by rebranding and relaunching the company by a new website and excellent social media posts. She’s looking for the next apprentices to take on, to develop the next generation of CTS standard Electricians. She’s determined to better herself and the team and is already engaged with further training for herself and her team to ensure the company key values remain at the core of the business. What a journey she’s been on, but how impressive! Contact: Ceri Crannis Company: Crannis Technology Services Ltd Web Address: Mar22469 Ceri Crannis, the Managing Director of Crannis Technology Services Ltd, is proof that with the right support, you can do anything. From dealing with severe trauma to working in a role she loves; Ceri has come a long way over the past few years – join us as we find out more about her story… Crannis Technology Services Ltd