Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022

20 | Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022 company’s success. Not only are they highly skilled, but they consistently deliver projects in an enthusiastic manner. Simply, they enjoy what they do, and this results in greater outputs. Since 2017, RST Group has acquired over 40 subcontractors, each of whom are professional, talented, and display a desire to complete projects efficiently. Without this team, the company would not have been able to fulfil 16 luxury projects for prestigious clients. With all of this in mind, a clear stand-out is the company’s managing director, Ryan Thakrar. Through a strong work ethic and a willingness to grow, Thakrar has earned a reputation for excellence. His successful career has seen him acquire, develop, complete, and deliver over £16 million pounds worth of Real Estate on behalf of private institutions and investors. Furthermore, his extensive skillset ranges from portfolio management to customer engagement, and from time management to project planning. It is this skillset that has led him to be recognised as a key industry player – most recently he was nominated for ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the 2020 Asian Business Awards. His approach to leadership is simple, yet effective – Thakrar hopes to “excel in all facets of life, inspire and lead others to success, while learning from every interaction to further myself.” Contact: Ryan Thakrar Company: RST GROUP Web Address: Luxury and quality are two elements that underpin RST Group’s services. A recognisable figure in the real estate industry, the company has worked on a plethora of projects, from residential properties to apartment blocks. Behind all this is Ryan Thakrar, a young entrepreneur who has rapidly risen to success. RST Group is a Midlands based company that thrives upon passion. The real estate developers and construction consultants work on behalf of developers, private investors, and institutions, and since its founding it has completed and delivered over £16 million worth of real estate. As such, the company has honed its focus in on commercial conversions to residential units and small to medium-sized projects, as it is within this area that the company has seen a significant amount of growth. Since its founding, RST Group has cultivated an impressive track record – notably for its ability to execute turnkey development solutions from concept to completion, and its innovative approach to asset management. In order to maximise profitability, RST Group specialises in developing luxury buildings at an affordable construction cost. Of course, RST Group ensures that everything is finished to an exceptional standard. Consequently, the company utilises self-management, maintaining a talented team of in-house subcontractors that enable RST Group to complete projects on time and under budget. Such quality is displayed throughout the company’s digital portfolio. Indeed, RST Group has established its credibility through a multitude of projects – including the creation of studio apartments, student accommodation, and luxury residences. From a quick glance, it is clear that the company is wholly devoted to infusing contemporary beauty into each build. They are sleek, modern, and have a sense of understated elegance. Moreover, the company has just recently completed work on a large-scale development that involves the creation of 54 luxury apartments complete with a gym, cinema, and communal areas. One upcoming project is a mixed-use development of a commercial building that has been converted into five private apartments and two retail units. Behind the scenes, RST Group has crafted a team that contributes significantly to the Leading Property Entrepreneur of the Year 2022: Ryan Thakrar Apr22007