Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022

27 | Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022 present, with lots of training planned. It also has a number of witness and inspection visits booked up on some large railway sites throughout the UK on a subcontractor basis. Additionally, the company has already started to look at NHS projects for 2023. Company: Rise Compliance Limited Contact: Kris James McGough Email: Website: Rise Compliance Limited provides consultancy services to the lift industry, professionals, and business owners, including audits, surveys, passenger release training, inspections and testing, as well as witness testing. It also helps other lift companies by shadowing engineers and apprentices when on site to provide feedback and help them gain industry knowledge and guidance. In light of managing director, Kris McGough’s extraordinary awards success, we got in touch with him to learn more about the company and his career. The goal of Rise Compliance Limited is to raise the standards within the industry as a whole, with its strapline being ‘Inspect, Train, Inspire’. It aims to inspire companies such as the NHS to adopt its approach towards carrying out surveys and inspections. For example, it guides engineers during witness testing, explaining what needs to be achieved, what the goals are, and what is expected. This helps to prevent failure of testing of lift products and avoids revisits while increasing the quality of the test. Managing director, Kris McGough began his career in the lift industry in 1999 as an in apprentice, and he worked his way up to technical sales and then supervisor. He tells us, “I jumped at the chance to become a service director and then set up my own lift business to become a managing director.” And he leads his team with the aim to inspire them. When passing his knowledge and expertise onto his team, he is sure to explain the goal to all involved, striving to enable the employee or trainee to achieve more than what they had planned on at the beginning. It is important that they set out goals and ask the customer what they want to achieve and how thorough they want the inspection, training or testing. Lastly, Kris constantly asks the employee or trainee questions to ensure that the information is retained and relevant. Learning the British standards is crucial to ensuring compliance is maintained throughout an inspection, training or testing session. Nothing but the best is accepted from colleagues or Most Comprehensive Lift Installation Director (North East): Kris McGough other lift companies, and Kris expects his team to not be afraid to step up and ask if something is compliant, if it’s fitted correctly, or if they are happy with the quality of work. This inspires thought, drives discussion, and achieves consistency and quality over time. Indeed, having multi-disciplined engineers is crucial when it comes to handling projects, ordering materials, and dealing with clients. This was especially important during the covid-19 pandemic, with the industry having been affected heavily by delays in manufacture and crumbling supply chains, in addition to Brexit issues. Across the industry during lockdowns, engineers weren’t able to carry out works and there were customers struggling to meet short deadlines. However, this lead to an unexpected opportunity for Rise Compliance to expand and offer its services on a subcontractor basis in order to help other lift companies, lift consultants, and facility management services, by enabling them to utilise its skills to enhance their own expertise and achieve more. Being located in the northeast of England and in particular, Newcastle/Gatehead, Rise Compliance benefits in there being lots of large and small lift companies as well as many independents within a small 10 square mile. Kris tells us, “Once you are known in the industry, good word travels fast and people look at what you do. As a result, we have expanded to cover most of the UK with our services.” And the company is continuing in this way, working on a large number of NHS projects at Apr22118