Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022

28 | Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022 Headhunting and recruitment have become a vital industry over the past few years. Evolution Sales Recruitment has become one of the leading names at the forefront of this wave – with its honesty, integrity, and devotion to quality making it a standout from its competition. Join us as we speak to the man behind the successful brand… Over the past few years, Evolution Sales Recruitment has built itself into a highly successful and reputable national specialist recruitment and headhunting agency, that boasts a strong presence within the building products sector. As such, the company has cultivated a UK-wide network of clients, featuring leading building product manufacturers, merchants, distributors, wholesalers, and DIY Outlets. ‘We believe there will always be space for top quality recruiters and headhunters, and the ones who will succeed are those who have outstanding market knowledge and the natural ability to identify the very best talent in the market,’ comments Adam Paine, Evolution Sales Recruitment’s managing director. Henceforth, this is how Evolution Sales Recruitment conducts its business. With each assignment, Evolution Sales Recruitment takes time to evaluate the company, its current employee’s backgrounds, its competitors, and other businesses who have relevant product and market attributes. It takes pride in its ability to place candidates with the perfect company, and vice versa – through the delivery of relevant communications and providing engaging social media content, it is able to transform passive candidates who aren’t actively looking into enthusiastic, committed candidates. ‘Quality over quantity every time,’ is the company’s mantra. ‘I’m a brand in its own right and for many years, people worked with Adam Paine not with Pinnacle Consulting or even Evolution at the start,’ Adam continues. But who is the man behind the brand? Born in Ely, East Cambridgeshire, it wasn’t long before Adam’s passion for life evolved, and by age 20 he was travelling the globe through his work with Thomas Cook and TUI. He, like many others, fell into recruitment – with his first clients being Chandlers Building Supplies, Heatrae Sadia and Freefoam Building Products. However, his dedicated mentorship by Steve Rogan, a managing director for Pinnacle Consulting, is where his skills truly developed. During this Best Specialist Headhunting MD 2022: Adam Paine period, Adam first learnt about recruiting and headhunting for building product manufacturers, merchants, and distributors. After several years of recruiting for Pinnacle, he joined O&B, a multi-million-pound recruiter, which he describes as ‘a different beast altogether.’ He continues, ‘After a bout of “burn-out”, I realised I could make the recruitment process much less stressful for both recruiting managers and myself, so after lots of planning with my awesome partner (and wife) Janine, Evolution Sales Recruitment was born. Interestingly, I took everything I’d learned from both businesses, their employees, and the way they operated… and decided to do everything different! Rather than money, we now focus on relationships which are genuinely the most important thing to me. It’s made me a better person!’ Adam’s success in the industry has been bolstered by his presence on the networking site, LinkedIn, where he regularly gains over 10,000 views on his content. 19,000 people follow Adam and regularly partake in the discussions he creates – for example, a recent 24-hour poll he created drew in just under 15,000 views and 500 participants. He believes that this further highlights his reputation in the building product sector expertise. ‘Clients and candidates trust me as a go-to person in the industry and I regularly commit free time helping Managing Directors understand how to get the best from their recruitment process,’ Adam states. Unfortunately, with success, comes an abundance of challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic swept the globe, and with it, it bought chaos and catastrophe. Evolution Sales Recruitment was greatly impacted by the constant lockdowns and changing restrictions – ‘our core market is full-time permanent assignments, and found companies were scaling right back, sales reps weren’t visiting sites, and at one point I had 100 candidates a week approach me to help them find a new role.’ Yet the beginning of 2021 brought about change. With the turn of the year came a multitude of exclusive sales and management assignments which they successfully fulfilled with fantastic candidates, and this success has continued into 2022. Moreover, the company has multiple projects in the pipeline, with its primary goal being to expand upon its digital presence. Adam concludes, ‘social media is the future, and being visible on further platforms will see us secure more SME and large multi-million/billionpound businesses as partners which will mean increasing our headcount.’ Contact: Adam Paine Company: Evolution Sales Recruitment LinkedIn: evosalesrec/ Web Address: Mar22450