Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022

6 | Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022 Mar22551 Best Online Learning MD 2022: Gayle Conway Technology lies at the heart of innovation. Expert Pensions Limited has capitalised upon this, using technology to bolster its mission – to improve financial services advice through the betterment of education. Indeed, the company provides online courses that support financial services professionals in passing their industry qualifications and developing their knowledge and skills. Serving as an online learning platform, Expert Pensions Limited assists financial services professionals in obtaining professional certifications and furthering their education. It strives to offer premium study resources that make exam preparation easier, more successful, and, ideally, more enjoyable. At its core, Expert Pensions’ objective is to improve financial services advice through improved education and development. In order to accomplish this, the company has been built upon a foundation of stringent core values – it places its customers at the centre of all it does, it endeavours to deliver above par service, and it is consistently finding new ways to cultivate a positive work environment. There are numerous courses available via the online portal, ranging from pensions, investment planning to personal taxation, supporting diploma and Advanced Diploma qualifications, all designed to support and promote professionalism in a regulated career sector. Training and development isn’t just important in Financial Services, it is vital. Professional development can help to ensure that our students deliver a professional service, enhance their career prospects and ensures that their knowledge is relevant, up to date and compliant with the latest regulations. With prices beginning at £49.00 and having free trials available, Expert Pensions Limited provides an affordable way for you to build upon your education. In addition, many of its courses boast a structured learning plan option and a revision option, making them suitable for people at any stage of the learning journey. Such courses can be incredibly beneficial to your financial career – they are official certifications that can be added to your CV that will not only make you appealing to employers, but they also keep your knowledge fresh and in keeping with the regulatory requirements. Expert Pensions creates meticulously planned study timetables, which serve as a clear roadmap for students, laying out each week and displaying the necessary resources required to pass the examinations. In addition, professional development is offered, which has been designed to aid students beyond passing an exam. The professional development service further improves the students’ skillsets, finding ways to improve their advice offering, client relations, and company support. Its courses are easy to navigate, motivating, and structured in a manner that keeps students engaged and excited about what comes next. Consequently, the aforementioned services have garnered consistent results. This is primarily due to the fact that Expert Pensions is truly passionate about what it does – it is home to experts within the field who have taken the exams themselves. Therefore, clients can expect to receive premium care. Indeed, Expert Pensions’ services are wholly client-centric, as it pushes to go above and beyond in order to deliver outstanding customer service. Unlike many education platforms, Expert Pensions is there throughout the learning process, providing an abundance of support, enthusiasm, and advice. It has elevated itself above its competition through building unbreakable bonds with its students, gaining a positive reputation along the way. Much of this success stems from the immense amount of work the team has put in to making the company thrive. The workforce consists of individuals that care about what they do – they are highly-skilled industry experts, of which many of whom have been in the students’ shoes previously. Expert Pensions has taken the time to formulate a team that is capable of working seamlessly and effectively through communication, collaborative working, and the simple fact that its staff enjoy their jobs. The prior point is an often-overlooked factor when building a team, as the clients and profits come first. However, Expert Pensions understands that by injecting joy into the team, positive customer service and success will come naturally and sustainably. The stars in the team are the founders of Expert Pensions, John and Linda Reynolds, who are passionate, caring, and hardworking. Caroline Evans, Expert Pensions’ Customer Engagement and Marketing expert, who brings a fantastic energy to the workplace, which then spreads throughout the team and is an absolute asset. The man behind video creation, John Hunter, who also serves as an IT specialist, is incredibly committed to his job, and is always searching for ways to benefit others – be it through new technology or problem solving. Of course, the company is home to a team of consultants who consistently provide unbeatable expertise and deliver innovative content. They are at the heart of what we do and they bring their wealth of expertise to the projects we undertake. However, without Gayle Conway, none of this would have been possible. After leaving school, Gayle took on a position at the Clydesdale Bank, and she never looked back. She developed a hunger for learning, and at the young age of 17, Gayle began the first of many banking and financial planning exams. As a result, she opened herself up to a plethora of opportunities. She moved quickly from customer services to a role as a mortgage adviser, which led to her becoming the assistant bank manager, and finally to financial planner. Each role brought a new range of exams and qualifications, challenges, and support. Yet it would be her next move where she would find her true calling. Joining the training team, Gayle gained her CITP accreditation in a role as a Senior Training and Development Consultant, where