Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022

Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022 | 5 Global Business Development MD of the Year 2022: Julie McLaughlan style, which is one of straight talking and measurable results. Via a combination of creativity and curiosity, Julie takes an innovative approach to reversing corporate inefficiencies through challenging traditional and overused methods. Subsequently, she applies a collaborative and team-oriented approach to decision-making, within which she values the suggestions and contributions of her colleagues. In turn, this has led to an empowered workforce that takes pride in its ability to work successfully as a team. After all, the best way to retain a strong team is by making them feel heard, appreciated, and as if their voice matters. Unsurprisingly, Julie and her team have led Intoto International to a high level of prestige. It has become enormously popular amongst its clients and has garnered a plethora of reviews and testimonials. For example, Gordon Macpherson, Managing Director, the retailer group, states ‘I worked with Julie and have kept in touch and a watching eye on her successful career moves over the years. In addition to being a first class operator with a steely determination. Julie is a great people manager and her infectious enthusiasm, knowledge beliefs and behaviours cascade through her teams. She has much to offer in terms of sector knowledge in the UK and internationally her technical and people skills are second to none.’ Contact: Julie McLaughlan Company: Intoto International Ltd Web Address: