Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022

4 | Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022 Mar22543 Global Business Development MD of the Year 2022: Julie McLaughlan Intoto International Ltd has been dominating the global business development scene for over a decade. Established in 2011 by the esteemed businesswoman, Julie McLaughlan, the company has grown from strength to strength. In 2022, the company boasts an international network of thousands of clients – and it is only set to grow. Over the course of 11 years, Intoto International Ltd, a UK based agency, has established a network of over 8,000 professional operators and brands worldwide. Supported by over three decades of international experience within franchising, licensing, joint ventures, and distribution, the agency benefits from a true understanding of a range of industries. Henceforth, Intoto International is a leading provider of advanced strategic and operational services and matchmaking brands with compatible franchise partners. Indeed, the agency firmly believes that operators should focus upon people, product, and profit, and that everything else is just for embellishment. Moreover, Intoto International increases clients’ sales, offers accurate information on the market’s legal system, import/export documentation, taxes, and provides expertise on international payment methods, and is equipped to provide exporting and market advice. Honing in on these elements allows Intoto International to assess such challenges, identify opportunities, and capitalise on them effectively. Through its associates, the agency provides clients with access to professional services including legal, operations, buying and merchandising, graphic design, architectural design, marketing, global human resource management, and recruitment. International clients have flocked to the agency, utilising it to expand the scope of their businesses. From sourcing franchise partners to securing shopping centre locations, Intoto International has a wealth of resources to offer to such clients. Therefore, the agency has worked with multiple household names and prestigious brands across a range of industries – including the cosmetics, home décor, and food industries. Dixy Chicken, David & Goliath, and the Iraq Chamber of Commerce have all enlisted Intoto International’s help and have benefitted greatly. Clients of this stature choose to work with the agency thanks to Intoto International’s devotion to understanding its clients and the arenas in which they operate. The agency works hard to identify the best fit for each company by utilising its experience to ensure compatibility on even the finest details. Furthermore, Intoto International recognises that one size does not fit all – its services are bespoke, catering towards each company’s unique values and ethics. There is no pressure for a client to fit into a mould, instead, Intoto International will take into consideration the company’s industry, home country, and goals. In addition, a great amount of this success can be attributed to Intoto International’s team. Consisting of highly motivated and skilled individuals, the team, which boasts a range of backgrounds, is built to deliver exceptional results. With a can-do attitude and a tenacious approach to work, the team serves clients in an enthusiastic manner – no challenge is too big or too small. There is a great passion for customer service that is infused within the team, and therefore, the team members thoroughly enjoy building a rapport with each customer. This is bolstered further by the seamless internal communications that are conducted in a way that it ensures efficacy. Leading the team is Julie McLaughlan, Intoto International’s founder, who has over 30 years of experience in retail and F&B both in the UK and abroad. Whilst living in the Middle East, Julie noticed the greater standard in brand representation, and this sparked the idea for Intoto International. Julie truly has worked her way from the bottom up, assisting over 50 brands with international expansion. Her impressive track record reflects her ability to cultivate solid results for brands within a range of industries. As of 2022, Julie is working towards a master’s degree in International Global Human Resource Management. Julie’s success is entwined with her leadership