Midlands Enterprise Awards 2018

10 SME NEWS / Midlands Enterprise Awards 2018 , Drawing on the expertise of its Founder and his associates, Michael Gorman & Associates Acupuncture offers a range of acupuncture services specialising in supporting clients with unexplained infertility. We invited Founder Michael Gorman to tell us more about the firm and the work he undertakes. Best Acupuncture Practice - West Midlands & Award for Excellence in Infertility Treatments 2018 With a focus on the patient’s health and wellbeing, Michael Gorman & Associates Acupuncture works collaboratively with them to achieve their health goals and support them through a range of challenges and health problems. Michael explores the services he and his team provide in more detail. “Having spent many years practicing acupuncture in the UK and Majorca Spain, I have perfected a unique style of treatment which is only now practiced by myself and my associate. My practice, Michael Gorman & Associates Acupuncture is an established acupuncture practice located in Solihull West midlands. Although we are very well known for our continued success in the treatment of infertility, we also treat painful and emotional conditions. The practice is staffed by myself as principle and Hannah Bain, my associate, who is also a highly skilled acupuncturist. Our administrator is Jaqueline Cooper and we also have a resident NAET Kinesiologist Rachael Lake. “All of our team work hard to ensure excellence for everyone we treat. We are rapidly heading towards helping nearly 500 of our patients to become pregnant, which is an incredible achievement, and I believe the reason behind our success is the continuing research and application of our specialized techniques which are unique to our practice. Our practice mission is to promote how effective our natural treatment can be with not just infertility but all aspects of physical and emotional conditions. We achieve this in some small way by the way our satisfied patients happily pass their positive experiences of treatment at our clinic to their friends and family and by our constant striving to improve what we do by attention to detail, good communication and the quality and effectiveness of our treatments.” Recently, acupuncture has enjoyed a rise in popularity as patients seek the benefits of non-traditional therapies. With this is a rise in competition for practice such as Michael Gorman & Associates, but this does not daunt Michael, who believes his firm’s vast experience and dedication to client service set it apart from the crowd. “Current trends in acupuncture and most complementary disciplines seem to be aimed at the benefits of using natural treatments for disease as opposed to conventional medicine which tends to focus on the symptom rather than the root cause of illness. With the West Midlands area there seems to be an increase in complementary practices which I hope will continue to increase in the coming years. This increase must be generated from public Michael Gorman & Associates Acupuncture MID18012 Company: Michael Gorman & Associates Acupuncture Address: The Surgery, 596 A Warwick road, Solihull, B91 1AD, West midlands Website: www.michaelgorman.co.uk demand for an alternative or other option to conventional medicine which is as we know under extreme pressure. “Despite this increase in competition and scrutiny that my market and practice are facing, I believe that we remain unique. There are many other acupuncture clinics who offer a similar service to us. Our practice differs to most with our levels of customer service, rapid response to patient emails calls and texts. We have adopted an easy on-line booking in system which sends appointment reminders to our patients. But a larger measure of how we are different and our continued success is our volume of testimonials, many are published on our website and others fill our notice board in our clinic.” As the future stretches before him, Michael is excited for the opportunities he and his team have in store, as he proudly concludes. “Looking ahead, my aim is to continue to fine tune our skills to improve our operation and success. I would also like to expand our website exposure and start to train another acupuncturist to work in our practice. I also intend to offer training in our unique style of acupuncture to other practitioners in the future, so that we can offer even more patients the benefit of our expertise.”