Midlands Enterprise Awards 2018

SME NEWS / Midlands Enterprise Awards 2018 11 , Spa Diamond Birmingham is a delightful and peaceful oasis which can be found just a few minutes from the centre of this bustling city. Having recently recognised the firm in our prestigiousMidlands Enterprise Awards 2018, we decided to profile it and share an insight into how it offers every guest a truly unique and decedent experience. Best in Sports Massage 2018 - Birmingham Drawing on its experience providing a range of treatments, today Spa Diamond Birmingham is fully equipped with the facilities, the experience and the expertise to provide clients with the treatment that their body needs. Its staff are all trained to a very high standard and are specialised in many different forms of massage. Whether it is just a full body massage for that all over feeling of complete relaxation or for more specific physical and mental needs, clients know they are in safe hands at Spa Diamond Birmingham. With six beautiful rooms, the spa offers guests the chance to enjoy some precious time to themselves and enjoy a variety of professional massages and beauty treatments. All of the spa’s highly qualified masseurs have many years of experience in all forms of massage, so whether clients are looking to do battle with irritating injuries, stretch and rejuvenate their body or are simply just looking for a couple of hours serenity, Spa Diamond Birmingham and its team of dedicated therapists are able to help. Thanks to its focus on rejuvenation, Spa Diamond in Birmingham offers all types of massage treatments and is more than just physical, but works to create harmony between mind, body, and spirit. The benefits of massage include improved circulation, release of muscle tension, mobility and flexibility, as well as stress relief. Among its therapies is Thai massage, which helps to reduce the individual’s stress levels and improve their overall circulation. This is accomplished by the gradual movement of the person through different yoga- like positions. Thai Massage is a blend of different styles which has been passed down through generations of family tradition. All of the spa’s therapists have been trained to the same high standards ensuring clients receive a truly exceptional experience when they enjoy a Thai massage at Spa Diamond Birmingham. As people continue to endure busy, stressful lives, the need for pampering spa sessions remains high, and as such Spa Diamond Birmingham can rest assured that it will continue to see strong demand for its award-winning services for many years to come. Spa Diamond Birmingham MID18002 Company: Spa Diamond Birmingham Contact: Stuart Hollis Address: 3 Lichfield Road, Birmingham, B6 5RW, UK Phone: 0121 3595566 Website: www.spa-diamond-birmingham.co.uk

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