Midlands Enterprise Awards 2021

63 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2021 Easitill Limited was initially founded in 1988 as a distributor of EPOS solutions from third parties. By the 1990s it was developing its own EPOS system, which has expanded and adapted with adapted an ever-changing retail landscape. Set up as a family business, Easitill’s reputable for its outstanding customer service and providing a dependable suite of systems. Easitill Limited was established in 1988, and it has grown from a distributor of third parties’ EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) solutions to a developer and distributor of its EPOS system, labelling solutions and e-Commerce websites within an ever-evolving retail landscape. As a result, Easitill is a vastly experienced provider to horticultural companies, pet and aquatic stores, and general retailers with solutions to make running a successful business more accessible, cost-effective, and efficient. By the 1990s, situated in Northamptonshire, Easitill had learnt a great deal about the systems it was distributing, particularly the challenges of having externally designed systems and support. So, as Easitill was welcomed into the new decade, it started writing its software, bringing support in-house to deliver better communication and results for its customers. Easitill offers a range of EPOS and retail solutions to help businesses run in a more straightforward, more cost-effective, and more efficient way. The company provides a range of products as separate or total solutions, with touchscreen hardware for single to multi-till, multi-site, complete stock control, purchase ordering and much more. Easitill also offers restaurant or café- based EPOS systems with table management and real-time layaways for different hospitality environments. Additionally, Easitill’s offers a loyalty module, label design software, plant database, various labels, and hardware, all the way through to websites, web-shops, and e-commerce. The range of capabilities in a single solution has enabled users to manage aspects more efficiently, helping to increase the bottom line and facilitating business growth. Overall, Easitill is a vastly experienced solution provider to the horticultural sector, country stores, equestrian retailers, pet and aquatic stores, Best EPOS Solutions Provider 2021 superstores, and many general retailers. It uses its excess of thirty years of experience to deliver excellent customer service in what is becoming an increasingly competitive market. From a support point-of-view, Easitill’s optimum Midlands’ location allows the team, along with its support engineers, to reach customers in emergencies promptly. Easitill also strongly believes in doing on-site demonstrations to offer potential customers the whole sales experience of their solutions. Combined with a seven-day-a-week helpline, Easitill provides the best support and assistance any retailer might require. For Easitill, 2021 has seen a great deal of activity for the company and the businesses it supports. There has been a continued drive towards customers getting websites, web-shops or e-Commerce sites as businesses saw and still see the growing trend of online platforms being additional income stream opportunities. Customers using its EPOS and third party e-Commerce websites were integrated, ensuring sales and stock accuracy through the sale process. Easitill has remained optimistic and buoyant. Its Floralabel range covering self-ties, adhesives, stick-ins, and thermals has done very well in line with many of its customers improving their throughput. Floralabel’s range of biodegradable (in landfill), weather-resistant for nurseries, garden centres and general retailers has remained popular. Floralabel is now producing a cane label that is more sustainable, as it is manufactured from a sugar cane by-product and will appeal to businesses focusing on sustainability. Many of Easitill’s customers have been able to operate well during this challenging period and are thrilled to have been involved in installations from its new and existing customer base. The firm has a blend of leadership from an experienced multiple-store retailer, together with substantial in-depth knowledge that already resided in the business and the SME culture of a close staff network that operates on a flat reporting structure. This allows the team to deliver on its commitment to offering professional, friendly service that exceeds clients’ expectations every time. The award for Best EPOS Solutions Provider is an incredible privilege for all at Easitill, and the company is honoured to be acknowledged during this trying time. The award recognises every member of the Easitill team who has continued developing, supporting, and delivering on its product and service. Contact: Keith Plekker Company: Easitill Limited Web Address: www.easitill.co.uk Jul21581